New Creation Volunteers Demolish Set Free Rehab Trailer Home in Cabazon

Volunteers of all ages from Banning and Beaumont helped tear down and remove the structure on Maxine Avenue, which had housed members of a residential rehab program.

More than 50 volunteers from New Creation Church in Banning and Beaumont helped demolish a trailer home Saturday in Cabazon that had been used by members of a residential rehab program run by Set Free Yucaipa.

"We just came out to help Set Free," said Juan De La Fuente Jr., 40, communications pastor for New Creation Church. "They had code issues and we're doing our Exhale 2012 project. We'll be doing this in our community for the whole year, once a month."

Some Cabazon to the county last year about Set Free clients in their neighborhood. In December county code enforcement issued abatement notices on several Set Free properties, Pastor Willie Dalgity of Set Free Yucaipa said in a previous interview.

The trailers and add-ons operated by Set Free in Cabazon for the past 17 years housed 30 to 40 men, Dalgity said.

Other Cabazon residents spoke up for Set Free, saying they do in the Pass area and other communities.

Jessica Thompson, 31, lives across Maxine Avenue from the Set Free trailer that was demolished Saturday.

"I grew up in Cabazon since I was 16, and I moved here last week, but Set Free's always taken care of everybody," Thompson said as she watched the volunteers. "It's a good program. They take care of a lot of men and women and children.

"I am disappointed to see that place go, because I don't want to see them leave Cabazon," Thompson said. "Some people say negative things but I've known people that come out of Set Free.

"A person very close in my life is a Set Free person," Thompson said. "She had her children in there. She is no longer a drug addict. She has all of her children. Her daughter graduated high school. She has her own house now. She's doing just fine. . . .

"I just say God bless Set Free," Thompson said. "I don't want them to leave Cabazon. I encourage them to stay here and continue to do what they do. They feed us. When we don't have food we can go to them and they give us food. They take care of their own community. They're the best."

In December, Dalgity said Set Free intended to take down the Cabazon properties that were not up to code. It was not clear Saturday whether church officials had secured other housing in Cabazon for their rehab clients, or if they intended to move the rehab program elsewhere.

"I thank all the people that come out to help Set Free," Thompson said. "Set Free gives to everybody and to see people coming out and giving back to Set Free, it's amazing."

About 55 New Creation volunteers, from age 7 to 65, took part in the project Saturday on Maxine Avenue, De La Fuente said.

"Last month we did a project in Banning," De La Fuente said. "We're doing this one in Cabazon, and it's just to help the community out is all it is. That's what we're here to do. To give life away, as we're calling it. . . .

"The last project we did, someone put it on the Patch," De La Fuente said. "City officials mentioned the Set Free issues and so we contacted them and the Set Free people were very thankful for us to come out."

New Creation Church has campuses in Beaumont, Banning and Yucca Valley.

For more information about New Creation, visit www.newcreationca.org or call (951) 922-2471.

For more information about Set Free, visit www.setfreerocks.com or call (909) 446-0033.

Mark Kirk February 12, 2012 at 11:01 PM
The "Set Free" Ranches has meant so much to so many people. They were sent to Cabazon to do Gods work. God bless the whole crew wherever they go.My prayers will be with them always. I know many people whose lives were totally changed because of this Ministry including my own. Thank you Pastor Willie and I pray that you do not get discouraged by this move and know that new doors will be open! Mark Kirk: Set Free 1993 to present
Roger Berg February 13, 2012 at 02:02 AM
Thanks to the volunteers from New Creation Church for helping out Set Free. As a community we need help Pastor Willie and Set Free find a new home for the Mens Ranch. Supervisor Ashley and the county needs to help these folks instead of working against them as they provide a valuable service to the community. I am going to see what we can do in Beaumont to help them find a new home. Fora county that is broke you would think they would welcome a orgainzation who want to help these folks turn life around and get off of drugs and alcohol and become productive citizens as many folks who have graduated from their program have. In the meantime lets just all pray that God will provide a new home for this fine ministry.
Rene Curtis February 13, 2012 at 03:51 PM
My family is so thank full to set free. My sister has a new life thanks to them and God. She has 4 kids that really needed a mom. Set free took her in when no one would, not even her own family. God changes lives with set free.
Michael Romero February 13, 2012 at 07:36 PM
We have gone to tha Ranch for years and been blessed by the work Christ does thru the Set Free Staff there will be excited to see how God supplies for his people!!!!
Juan De La Fuente February 14, 2012 at 03:26 AM
We had a great time with our church family helping out set free. We look forward to having the community join us for our next Exhale project in March. At New Creation Church we have 1LIFE2GIVE and we are here to give it away. Visit us at www.newcreationca.org for more info.


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