State Releases 2011-12 High School Exit Exam Results

High school sophomores are tested in English and math, and must pass both to sections to graduate.

Results from the latest California High School Exit Exam show both Beaumont and Yucaipa-Calimesa school districts above the levels for students across the county and state, although Banning fell short of those averages.

All three districts remained relatively steady with their 2010-11 performance.

The testing of high school sophomores is state-wide in English and math; a student that doesn't pass is given opportunities to take the test again as juniors and/or seniors. Passing both portions of the test is mandatory in order to graduate.

  • Beaumont Unified: 86 percent in English; 85 percent in math.
  • Banning Unified: 72 percent in English; 73 percent in math.
  • Yucaipa Calimesa Joint Unified: 84 percent in English; 85 percent in math.
  • Riverside County: 82 percent in English; 83 percent in math. 
  • California: 83 percent pass in English; 84 percent in math.

Since all students take the test as sophomores, those figures are also used as a year-to-year benchmark for comparison.

Beaumont Unified was even with its 2010-11 English score and increased its math score one percentage point. Banning increased its English score two percent while decreasing its math score two percent. And Yucaipa-Calimesa increased it's math score two percent while it's English score decreased two percent.

95 percent of California students in the class of 2012 passed the overall exam, up 0.8 percent from last year.

“When 95 percent of California students are hitting the mark—despite the tremendous challenges we face and the work we still have to do—there’s an awful lot going right in our public schools,” said State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson. “I congratulate the students who succeeded on this test, the teachers who provided invaluable instruction, and the parents who gave their support and encouragement.”


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