Mt. San Jacinto College Gets $1.25 Million to Help High School Youth

The grant money is for a program called "upward bound," which is designed to help low-income and potential first generation college students.

Dozens of high school students may see their college dreams come to fruition despite financial and other obstacles they may face-- all thanks to a program designed to do just that.

Approximately 50 low-income students at San Jacinto High School already take part in this unique program called "upward bound."  It's a project funded through federal dollars, but run locally by Mt. San Jacinto College.

Now, the U.S. Department of Education has provided $1.25 million to continue the upward bound project at the college, it was announced Thursday.

"Through the upward bound program, students receive support and services designed to provide them with the knowledge, skills and ability to successfully complete their secondary and postsecondary education," college spokesperson Karin Marriott said.

Through MSJC, the potential first-generation college students receive things like tutoring, counseling, assistance in locating and applying for financial aid, guidance and assistance for high school reentry and completion, Marriott added.

Upward bound programs first began in the 60s, and have helped about 872,032 low income Americans since, according to MSJC.

MSJC first started administering the program in 2003.


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