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Children Add Their Touch to Beaumont Teens' Centennial Service Project Mural

Juniors and seniors from a dual enrollment program at Beaumont High School conceived idea for the mural on the south side of the Music Lab on Beaumont Avenue.

Several children added their handprints Thursday to a centennial mural service project under way in downtown Beaumont.

Three Rings Ranch Elementary students Kaylee Kidd, 8, and her sister, Kovie Kidd, 11, dipped hands in green paint and added their touch to the painting on the south side of the Music Lab building on Beaumont Avenue.

""I think it's awesome that they're decorating our city here," said Kaylee and Kovie's mom, Beaumont resident Sandy Kidd. "It's better than seeing a plain old boring wall like we see everywhere. It decorates our city. It gives us something to look at. It's makes it pretty."

Madeline Nichols, 16, was among a half-dozen teens who helped conceive the service project idea for a dual enrollment English program they attend at Beaumont High in conjunction with Mt. San Jacinto College.

Nichols, Alexa Gozzip, junior, 16, Magenta Wardle, 17, and other dual enrollment students hope to finish the mural in the next few days. Then they have to write a thousand words each and complete an 8,000-word paper about the project, Wardle said.

Click here to of Wardle talking about the project on Wednesday.

The students are filming their work and hope to compose a time-lapse video that will show the mural unfold at high speed, Wardle said.

The city of Beaumont incorporated in November 1912.

is just north of at East 6th and Beaumont Avenue.


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