News of 2011: BB Patch Year in Review

This roundup of news reports and opinion from 2011 is subjective, so let us know what you think got left out. Thank you for reading Banning-Beaumont Patch. Happy New Year.

Banning-Beaumont Patch quietly celebrated its one-year anniversary on Dec. 15.

Local Editor Larry Rand and a team of contributors launched the site that day, and ever since, at least one thing has remained constant at BB Patch.

If the site has any value to you and the rest of the San Gorgonio Pass community, that is thanks to the many people who take time to visit, read, respond, vent, share, send tips, and offer feedback.

A reader's comment on a BB Patch news report the other day included the following:

"I had been under the impression that this was a forum where we could find out what's going on in the Pass Community and its local activities and concerns."

BB Patch is striving to meet this challenge. It's a work in progress to be sure. Feel free to share in the comments how you think Banning-Beaumont Patch has done over the past year, and what you think is missing.

This roundup of news reports and opinion from 2011 is a subjective list, so please let us know what you think got left out.

Thank you for reading Banning-Beaumont Patch.

BB Patch News of 2011

The following are reports from the past 12 months that include information, perspective, photos or video you would not find anywhere but Banning-Beaumont Patch.

In some cases the reports were picked up by regional, national or international media. In those cases, you read it here first on Banning-Beaumont Patch.

January 2011:

- In one of her first columns, Katryn Robinson of Renaissance Pet Resort in Banning shared pointers for pet owners that remain timely:

"Each January, after consuming lots of holiday goodies, many of us vow to lose weight, exercise, and consume a more healthy diet.  We also promise to complete tasks on time and end procrastination forever - maybe.

"As you make your New Year's resolutions, don't forget your furry friends."

- In this business profile, veteran journalist and local historian Pat Murkland reported:

"Step inside Hal's Horseradish roadside stand on Ramsey Street, and you enter another time. 

"It’s 1954. There's no Interstate 10; instead U.S. routes 99 and 60 are America’s two-lane highway, taking travelers through the hearts of Banning and Beaumont. Amid almond and apricot groves, a traveler could rest at a road camp, buy a fountain drink or a hearty home-cooked meal - or stop at a roadside stand on Ramsey Street in Banning and buy horseradish."

- Editor Larry Rand bid adieu to BB Patch with an opinion piece that generated numerous comments from readers.

"'In the Open' has tried to tell you where to go during its brief existence.  There are glorious outdoor places to visit around Banning and Beaumont, and equally glorious weather to enjoy them in.

"This final column is about where you should never, ever go: the Banning Water Canyon."

February 2011:

- This breaking news report was the first in a series that ended with the location and rescue of 57-year-old Brian Carrico. BB Patch broke the news first on a story that topped Southern California regional headlines.

"A search was under way Sunday for a missing 57-year-old Redondo Beach man with a permit to climb 10,834-foot San Jacinto Peak from the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway's mountain station.

"Alpine-trained volunteers with the Riverside Mountain Rescue Unit were called out Saturday night in 'white-out' conditions, a rescue official said. A command post was in place Sunday just before noon at the mountain station, a Tramway official told Patch.com."

March 2011:

- Thanks to readers who knew what was going on at Banning High, BB Patch got the scoop on how students utilized social media to get recognized and do some good.

- BB Patch had this report posted before the fire was out. Check this report for a longer version of the video, which generated feedback from some readers:

- Thanks to Palm Desert Patch Local Editor Jessica E. Davis reporting from Indio, and additional firsthand reporting in Riverside, BB Patch readers had access to breaking news, photos and video before any other news media.

April 2011:

- Video journalist Matthew Schoenmann interviewed Beaumont Mayor Brian De Forge on the local significance of one of the Pass area's most popular sporting events. Check this related video for a look at the peloton breaking up in Bogart Park:

- BB Patch was first to the scene and first with photos and video on a Sunday morning.

- Palm Desert Patch Local Editor Jessica E. Davis filed this report and photos from Indio before other news media that day.

- Columnist Gail Paparian asked a question just about everyone can relate to, and answered in a way that only she can.

- Spot news coverage of a rescue in progress.

- Demolition begins on an irreplaceable landmark.

May 2011:

- Exclusive coverage of sanctioned gay rodeo.

- With residents willing to speak up, BB Patch was able to provide spot news coverage on this developing story.

- Katryn Robinson helped report this story and readers shared vital perspective.

- San Gorgonio Ballet director shared a personal story that resonated in the Pass.

- Depth reporting on often overlooked penalties.

- Followup showed there was more to the story.

- A milestone for Banning leaders' vision for rebirth of downtown.

June 2011:

- A BB Patch reader recognized her friend's dog in a news report and a joyful family reunion followed.

- BB Patch broke the story of the rescue in May, but this was the first time BB Patch readers got to see the uncaged hawk up close.

- Spot news coverage of a tragedy that touched many lives in Beaumont and Banning.

July 2011:

- Photojournalist Eric Reed documented efforts to contain a wind-driven fire before it could spread.

- Spot news coverage on a fire that scorched an estimated 40 acres just north of Banning, close enough to make residents nervous.

- Followup on how the blaze started.

- An anonymous BB Patch user uploaded video from the scene of a fatal shooting in Beaumont.

- A report on the spot where generations of Beaumont and Cherry Valley teens have cut loose just north of the Riverside County line.

August 2011:

- Thanks to readers in the Calimesa and Yucaipa area, BB Patch readers learned about a boy's struggle and his friend's compassion.

- Photojournalist DeeAnn Bradley captured images of community effort.

- BB Patch readers get the story behind the story from one of the rescuers.

September 2011:

- Spot news reporting on a neighborhood tragedy with photos that went nationwide, including one that ended up in the Daily Mail of London.

- Followup on a crime that remains unsolved.

- Local artists brought their best. BB Patch readers who missed the show got to see live images.

- Thanks to access provided by tribal and pow wow leaders, BB Patch readers shared Native American culture from across the Western U.S. and Canada.

- A controversy came to a head at a city council meeting. BB Patch documented the details.

- Thanks to a teacher's tip, BB Patch got to share Banning High's first videoconferencing with a diver on the other side of the Pacific Ocean.

October 2011:

- Veteran sports reporter Ed Castro and photojournalist DeeAnn Bradley documented a big win for the Cougars.

- Thanks to a Banning resident's tip in the early hours, BB Patch readers had this report in their morning newsletter.

- Children and their parents rally around a coach's family touched by the threat of mortality.

- Voters who could not attend the only forum with all seven hopefuls present could rely on BB Patch's week-long series of reports on what the candidates had to say.

November 2011:

- Those who worked with Katherine Siva Saubel shared their perspective with BB Patch.

- From polling locations to results, BB Patch provided detailed coverage when it counted.

- Readers brought this to BB Patch's attention for a reason.

- It doesn't happen every day, and you couldn't find this photo and video report anywhere else.

December 2011:

- For timely, accurate weather coverage in the Pass, many residents know they can rely on BB Patch.

- As a new school board took shape, BB Patch documented a symbolic moment.

- Sharing the local season spirit on the day it happens - another detail BB Patch readers can take for granted.

- For children and their families it was a special event.

- This report and photo gallery was ready for BB Patch readers before the sun came up.

- A reader researches and shares local history with BB Patch.

Ok, congratulations if you read this far.

Remember: Your feedback is welcome, so please share what you'd like to see more of from Banning-Beaumont Patch in 2012.

Annie G. January 01, 2012 at 07:27 PM
I think you are doing a wonderful job, Mr. McCarthy! I read the Riverside Press Enterprise also, and I guess as an older person who likes the written word in my hand, thought for some time that they presented more news and local news. How wrong I was. You post stories instantly, and either the newsprint does so a day or so after, or not at all. I don't mind the wide range of topics, unlike some who have posted that some fall under "sensationalism". What I do enjoy most of all is the local politics, for I do not like when a city supplies its own press releases. I always wonder what is inside an apple, and wonder when I am shown just its shiny peel. Your stories are what people really want to see. It's been very helpful in my home search, to see how the locals really interact with each other. Thank you!
Victor S Dominguez January 01, 2012 at 09:05 PM
Patch blog, Local Voices should have a spot in 2011, each blogger should be recognized for their volunteer efforts that help Patch stay in sync with real community issues that represent the heart and blood any news organization. With the exception of Steve Moore who is Paid propaganda by the City of Beaumont, for a profit! Other than that I will say THANK YOU TO : All the Patch Blog People, thank you for your time and efforts. I look forward to reading more. Even you Charles, I do enjoy reading your work.....
Guy McCarthy (Editor) January 01, 2012 at 09:34 PM
Right you are Victor. A separate post is coming on Local Voices, but that does not excuse failure to mention them in the body of this report.
LLODOWN January 02, 2012 at 03:48 PM


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