Former Beaumont School Board Member Mark Orozco Announces Supervisor Campaign Tour

The trail will begin on March 24 in Banning and will travel through Beaumont, Moreno Valley, Perris, and Menifee before returning to Moreno Valley for a campaign kick-off.

The following is a news release from Mark Orozco for Supervisor:

District 5 Supervisor candidate Mark Orozco will be on a week-long excursion through District 5 with his staff and volunteers.  March 24th to the 30th, he will be traveling throughout the District to get acquainted with citizens and learn firsthand the changes citizens’ desire within their communities.

Thirty-eight year old Beaumont resident Mark Orozco is a candidate for District 5 Supervisor of Riverside County.

During the week of March 24th to the 30th, he will be traveling throughout the District to meet citizens and hear their concerns. The campaign will start its district tour in Banning at Tortillas Restaurant at 9am, where citizens will be able to sit down and have coffee with Mark to discuss the issues.

On the 25th, Orozco will arrive in Beaumont. After spending the day in the streets of Beaumont, citizens are invited to meet Mark for Taco Tuesday at 7:00pm, at Mama Lupe’s.

From there the campaign will travel through San Timoteo and arrive in Moreno Valley on March 26th. Orozco will spend two days in Moreno Valley before heading to Perris on the 28th and Menifee on the 29th. 

On Saturday the 29th, Mark Orozco will return to Moreno Valley for his campaign kick-off event and Mark encourages everyone to come out and meet him. 

Mark Orozco is a resident of Beaumont and is highly active in his community. He is an educator, former school board member, trained attorney, and the chair of the Greater Riverside Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

Riverside County’s 5th Supervisorial district covers Moreno Valley, Romoland, Nuevo, Perris, Menifee and the San Gorgonio Pass Area. The election will be held in June 3 2014.

Banning Man March 20, 2014 at 01:49 AM
I don't take to kindly to those comments made about our schools or teachers in Beaumont. My wife is teacher and I'm a small business owner in Banning as well as in Riverside. I have known Mr. Orozco and his beautiful family for about 5 years now through our local church, charity events and through the Greater Riverside area, and I have witnessed his outstanding leadership skills both on the Board of Directors for the Greater Riverside Chamber of Commerce and as the President of the Greater Riverside Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. I believe Mr. Orozco will make a wonderful County Supervisor bringing a fresh perspective to the county. Please visit his website at www.markorozco.com to learn more about him...
Leticia Garcia March 20, 2014 at 06:56 PM
With all due respect Ms. Davis, he is a candidate for Supervisor, not Senator.
Sheri Davis March 20, 2014 at 07:16 PM
Haha. James McDonald, Mary Ortega...I am not married, first of all. And I (seriously) think it is wonderful that Mr. McDonald was able to adopt. I wish the foster system didn't need to exist. Too many kids (regardless of skin color) end up aging out of the system, without a permanent family to call their own. Second - I am not an alcoholic, as much as you want to believe that I am. I value my sobriety way too much for such juvenile behavior. I have seen what alcoholism does to people, I refuse to be a participant in such alcoholic behavior. I have NEVER been an alcoholic, and I NEVER will be an alcoholic. 3rd - I have NEVER made any sort of racist comments at any school board meetings. I haven't attended a school board meeting in many years, so therefore you wouldn't know what I currently look like. I know how long ago it was since the last board meeting that I physically went to. So, therefore you have me confused with someone else who just so happens to have share the same name as I. I know what my last name is currently, I just CHOOSE to not use it on here. And it's none of anyone's business why. 4th - Mark Orozco teaches in Pomona, not Beaumont. His wife teaches in Beaumont. 5th - so I stand corrected on which office he's currently running for....when Mr. McDonald and Ms. Ortega get their facts right about me, then there might be a conversation. Until then, adios.
James McDonald March 22, 2014 at 12:15 PM
I stand corrected "Sheri Pascua"!


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