County Supervisor Announces New Committee For Gateway Center Feedback, Input

"Regardless of any benefits, residents have raised concerns that I believe the committee should evaluate before this proposal comes to the Board of Supervisors," Supervisor Marion Ashley said.

This maps shows the proposed location for the I-10 Gateway project. This maps shows the proposed location for the I-10 Gateway project.
This maps shows the proposed location for the I-10 Gateway project. This maps shows the proposed location for the I-10 Gateway project.
It appears local political leaders are taking notice of community concerns over a proposed warehouse distribution center in Cherry Valley.

Recently, some Beaumont politicians announced their opposition to the project, which is proposed to encompass some 2.5 million square feet on land north of Cherry Valley Boulevard and east of Interstate 10. 

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Though planners estimate that thousands of jobs could come from the complex, local citizens are concerned with the potential negative impacts it could also bring.  Several of those concerns have been brought up here on Patch, in the blogs section.

Now, Riverside County Supervisor Marion Ashley wants the board of supervisors to listen to those concerns, too. 

"Because of concerns raised by residents and others, Supervisor Marion Ashley will ask the Board of Supervisors to form a project review committee to evaluate the proposed industrial distribution facility between Beaumont and Calimesa," a news release sent to Patch from his office on Tuesday states.

According to Ashley's office, this new committee will have the opportunity to ask for things like "project improvements, changes, and/or redesign."  His office tells Patch that, depending on how many people apply, approximately 9 to 11 will likely serve on the committee.

Here is more from that announcement: 

In 2008, the Board approved the fast-track designation for the proposed I-10 Gateway Job Center on Cherry Valley Blvd. east of I-10.  That status was considered based on the project's potential for creating jobs and plans to devote about 30 percent of the site to open space. The fast-track process requires a full environmental review before a proposal may proceed.


"Regardless of any benefits, residents have raised concerns that I believe the committee should evaluate before this proposal comes to the Board of Supervisors," Ashley said. 

The committee will consist of stakeholders and interested parties, such as representatives from local government, water, community-based organizations, businesses and homeowners’ associations, to name a few.


Under the committee structure, members will have the opportunity to ask for improvements, changes, and/or redesign.  Of interest to Ashley are impacts on water, traffic, infrastructure, air quality and community compatibility.


About a month ago, the county Planning Department held a public meeting to solicit comments about issues regarding the proposed project's environmental review. Residents and representatives from local agencies raised concerns about the proposed project. Since that time, Ashely noted, residents and local elected officials continue to raise concerns. Given those issues, he said, it would be appropriate to slow the project down and seek community review and input.


Community members interested in applying for the committee should contact Steven A. Hernandez at (951) 955-1050 or email him atsahernan@rcbos.org.

calimesajim March 14, 2014 at 10:44 PM
Here is the correct website showing agendas and dates for future Calimesa Council meetings. http://www.cityofcalimesa.net/councilrdaagendas.htm
James McDonald March 20, 2014 at 03:39 AM
I had the opportunity to speak with Supervisor Marion Ashley for a few minutes over the phone this week, the little time he gave to me... I wasn't amused by his responses more or less with his Chief of Staff "Jaime Hurtado"! It was a lot of "BULL", and don't think he realizes that he is up for reelection. Both Marion Ashley along with his staff gave me the run around and weren't very helpful. I can tell you one thing, this so called committee is a "SCAM" leading you to believe that something is going to happen. At this point, Mr. Ashley has no intention of going against this development unless he knows that his opponent is a threat and being from Beaumont. What is going to happen, the board of supervisors are going to vote in favor of passing the project, while Mr. Ashley is going to be the lone hero and voting against it. I just hope Supervisor Stone and Jefferies see through the dark covered cloth of Marion Ashley. Like I said in my previous post, its time for a fresh voice, we need new leadership! Who will join me if I set up a meeting with Marion Ashley...better yet who will attend the next county board meeting with me in protest????
calimesajim March 20, 2014 at 05:34 PM
Mr. Mc Donald, please see Lloyd white's blog on this matter on Banning-Beaumont Patch. It has the latest comments about he Gateway Center Project and Marion Ashley.
calimesajim March 20, 2014 at 05:37 PM
Also please visit the website nowaygateway.org if you have not already done so.
ABI April 18, 2014 at 12:51 AM
Will the "diesel smoke" clear in time for Ashley to make a commitment to the San Gorgonio Pass voters before the June 3rd election? If not there is an alternative on the ballot. Mark Orozco has already taken a stance against the rezoning of the property in question.


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