Council Due to Enact Murrieta Red-Light Camera Measure

The Murrieta City Council is scheduled Tuesday to certify the recent election results, which include Measure N, Murrieta Prohibition of Automated Traffic Cameras.

Murrieta City Council is set to vote Tuesday on an ordinance implementing the recent voter-approved ban of red-light cameras, despite a recent court appeal by camera backers that sought to delay the action.

The majority of Murrieta voters approved Measure N, Murrieta Prohibition of Automated Traffic Cameras, during the Nov. 6 general election. According to election results certified by the Riverside County Registrar of Voters office, 19,344—57.26 percent—of Murrieta citizens voted to have the cameras removed. Another 14,436—42.74 percent—of residents voted to keep the cameras in place.

Election law requires the measure to go into effect within 10 days of the election results being certified by the city. The certification was set to take place Tuesday during the city council’s regularly scheduled meeting at 6 p.m., when re-elected Randon Lane and newly-elected Harry Ramos were also scheduled to be sworn into office as councilmen.

The camera ordinance, which requires removal of existing red-light cameras, would then be effective Dec. 14.

There is concern among measure supporters, however, that a legal battle may delay removal of the cameras. Measure backer Diana Serafin said she plans to be at the meeting Tuesday to urge city council to immediately implement the measure.

Murrieta city council is scheduled to meet in closed session prior to Tuesday’s meeting to discuss two camera-related lawsuits.

On Thursday, a request by Safe Streets for Murrieta for a stay on the implementation of the measure was denied by a Riverside County appellate court, according to case records. Safe Streets for Murrieta is a committee that during the election was financially supported by American Traffic Solutions, the Arizona-based company that installed and operates Murrieta’s cameras, according to a news report by the The Press-Enterprise.

A campaign disclosure report Safe Streets For Murrieta obtained from the Murrieta City Clerk's office confirmed that the committee received donations totaling at least $55,000 from American Traffic Solutions. The money was used to fund the No on Measure N campaign during the election.

During closed session, council is also scheduled to discuss a previous lawsuit filed against the measure in June. The lawsuit sought to stop the initiative from appearing on the ballot; however, a three-judge panel ruled in favor of a vote from the people, citing other cases in which measures were challenged post election.

Editor's Note: This story was updated at 11:15 a.m. Dec. 4 after the campaign disclosure form for Safe Streets for Murrieta was obtained by Patch from the Murrieta City Clerk's office.

Entitlement Queen December 04, 2012 at 10:53 PM
That's right people PURPOSELY run red lights and risk serious injury to themselves and even others. How moronic. The vast majority of people avoid pain and injury that is human nature. People just don't trust unreliable and manipulated traffic systems issuing $500 "guilty till proven innocent" tickets under the guise of safety. Cameras don't stop mistakes ie accidents. That couple that died in October in Temecula would still be dead even if a camera was at Rancho and Jefferson. People need to stop preaching false safety through the use of high fines and unreliable traffic monitoring systems. They don't do anything other than generate revenue for the state and ATS. They don't save one life. Not one
Entitlement Queen December 04, 2012 at 11:28 PM
My priorities are looking out for out of place pedestrians and then two ton cars regardless of whether a driver is distracted or not. If I am getting tailgated , which is frequent in this area, the last thing I am going to worry about is braking in time for a camera at an intersection and risking being rear ended. I am all about avoiding all collisions not just the few that Red Light Camera advocates falsely claim to be protecting us from.
Jennifer McCaughey December 04, 2012 at 11:59 PM
addy, I don't remember you or Dave Peter campaigning in favor of the cameras, did I miss it? You had as much opportunity as anyone else to go out there like Diana did and if you feel so strongly, you all should have done something when it mattered, like campaigning for the cameras and maybe the outcome would have been different. Blaming Diana Serafin for future accidents is the most ignorant thing I have ever heard, almost as dumb as your assumption that anyone careless enough to plow through a red light would not do so because of cameras...are you for real? There are many intersections in Murrieta, most without cameras...who will you blame for accidents that happen there? Is Diana going to be your scapegoat for every accident that involves running a red light, or do you think maybe we can blame the drivers? You really need to get a grip.
Joey Ismail December 05, 2012 at 01:02 AM
Anyone who thinks a scam cam is going to jump down, stop a speeding truck, and save their family members life is an idiot. They are a scam, a farce, a backdoor tax. They do nothing to increase safety. No one blasts through a red light unless they aren't paying attention or they are drunk, either way a scam cam isn't gonna do a damn thing to stop them. They are there to blast people for making right turns on red, and stopping two feet in front of the white line. They are unconstitutional and a cancer, they need to be banned everywhere
Scott Thomas (AKA - Scott Thomas) December 05, 2012 at 06:12 PM
Hey Addy, You obviously have never had the flash from a false triggered event when making a right turn blind you at night, forcing you to pull over to the side of the road waiting for your eyes to adjust. Indeed the cameras are the end all solution to safer streets.


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