City Council Seeks Applicants for Banning Community Advisory Committee

Patch file photo by Eric Reed
Patch file photo by Eric Reed
The Banning City Council is seeking applicants for a 21-member Community Advisory Committee and the deadline to apply is Monday Jan. 13.

The idea for a Banning Community Advisory Committee was initiated by Mayor Debbie Franklin and Mayor Pro Tem Art Welch, and it was ratified by the City Council, city spokesman Bill Manis said in a statement earlier this week.

"The BCAC is being formed to provide a forum for community discussion on the many issues and interests found in the City of Banning," Manis said in a City of Banning press release.

"It is expected that the formation of this Committee will foster enhanced communications between residents, businesses, and our local government," Manis said. "The BCAC is intended to help coordinate efforts of the community to work on improving our City as well as to work together in a proactive approach toward addressing the interests and concerns of the City of Banning. It is also formed to educate and train community members interested in learning more about local leadership."

Here's more from the city statement:

The BCAC's mission is to actively facilitate communication within the Banning community by (1) mutually developing and promoting a sense of community vision and pride; and by (2) providing a training forum to develop City leaders.

The BCAC's goals are to:

1.    Promote two way communications

a.    Neighborhood awareness programs

b.    Share city concerns/issues

c.     Promote community pride

d.    Recommend ideas to the City

2.    Training

a.    Provide training on City positions (i.e. Commissions, City Council)

b.    Educate on critical City issues

c.     Establish a Leadership Academy

The BCAC is community based; independent of City Council, City staff, and any other committees or groups. Interested individuals are encouraged to submit an Application Form (attached and also available on the City website at www.ci.banning.ca.us (look for the Banning Community Advisory Committee link), Banning City Hall located at 99 E. Ramsey Street or at the Banning Chamber of Commerce Offices located at 60 E. Ramsey Street. Applicants will need to:

a.     Designate type of representation (Business or Resident)

b.     Be willing to submit to a background check

c.     Be registered voters in the City of Banning

d.     Be willing to serve a minimum of two years

e.     Attend 75% of the scheduled meetings

f.      To have access to email

g.     Be willing to attend and participate in the monthly Leadership Academy

h.     To have at least one current community involvement (desired, but not mandatory)

The expectations and roles for BCAC Members can be found in the information packet included with the application form. In early December 2013, Mayor Franklin and Mayor Pro Tem Welch met to select seven of the twenty-one member BCAC. The current seven members of the BCAC will each select two additional members from the applications received.

Applications are due by 5:00pm on Monday, January 13, 2014. Please email your completed application to the City’s Public Information Office at bmanis.ci.banning.ca.us or drop it off at Banning City Hall (Attention: Public Information Office). Completed Applications can also be dropped off at the Banning Chamber of Commerce Office (Attention: Banning Community Advisory Committee).

For more info call Franklin at (951) 990-2721 or Welch at (951) 237-2525.
Libi Uremovic January 04, 2014 at 12:51 AM
'...a 21-member Community Advisory Committee...' that's a big committee, but good for them - that should provide an opportunity for everyone that wants to participate. ...
Libi Uremovic January 04, 2014 at 12:52 AM
'...2. Training a. Provide training on City positions (i.e. Commissions, City Council) b. Educate on critical City issues...' i hope this includes training on reading the budgets, financial statements, and the laws of the state regarding the taxpayers' money....


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