Banning: New Courthouse, Downtown Shopping to be Open Jan. 2014

The city says that the multi-million dollar project will be ready for use in just over a year's time, in January 2014.

A new county courthouse located in Banning, along with a downtown shopping district, will be ready for use in about a year, according to the latest update from the city. 

The project is estimated at $85 million between the two items, according to city officials, with the state-funded Banning Justice Center making up the bulk of that.

The new 68,000-square-foot courthouse will replace the overcrowded Banning Courthouse, which dates to the 1950s.  The current Banning Courthouse has been described as "one of the worst court facilities in the state" by the Administrative Office of the Courts.

Completion was originally hoped for by Fall 2013, according to archived documents by the AOC, however this new city update puts the opening in Jan. 2014.

Bill Manis, Director of Economic Development for the city of Banning, submitted the following release for the public as an update to the project:

The City of Banning, acting as the master planner and coordinator of its $85,000,000 downtown make-over, [has] announced the combined efforts of the AOC and Pearlman Frost Development Company are accelerating to the point where both development ventures are to be completed and occupied on time, in January, 2014.  

“We are pleased to see our partnership with AOC and Pearlman Frost brings about so much positive economic change to the Banning downtown area.  These two development ventures set the stage for the downtown revitalization we’ve dreamed about for 10 years and will shape the downtown economic vitality and growth for decades to come,” Mayor Don Robinson said.   

“Both Pearlman Frost and the AOC have impeccable track records with projects like ours across Southern California and we get the benefit of these years of prior experience and success on complex development ventures. It makes our eventual outcome much more positive and predictable since we are able to work with such strong and diverse development groups,” City Manager, Andy Takata added.    

“We will have 1,000 people visiting downtown Banning daily with the opening of the new Superior Court House.  These new visitors need a business service/copy center outlet, restaurants, cleaners, convenience stores, fast food, banking, gift shop, computer and phone store, professional office space plus a hotel.  All in our new downtown Banning,” said Bill Manis, Banning Director of Economic Development/Public Information Officer.  “Fortunately our development partners, The Pearlman Frost Development Company, have a 30 year track record building centers like our new Village at Paseo San Gorgonio and filling the centers with some of the best local and national retailers around,” Manis added.   

“This past year through our marketing at the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) events held in Las Vegas and San Diego, the City of Banning and The Pearlman Frost Company demonstrated innovative and collaborative marketing efforts to attract both large and small retailers to our Village at Paseo San Gorgonio.  As a result we are actively engaged in negotiations with three national restaurant brands and a variety of ‘in-line’ retailers to help address some of the new and emerging demand from the new court house and downtown development ventures,” said Art Pearlman of The Pearlman Frost Company.  “Also, we are in advanced negotiation stages with a wonderful hotel development and management firm with terrific Southern California experience,” Pearlman added.   

In its leasing and selling effort The Pearlman Frost Company has employed two national powerhouse commercial brokerage firms, Studley (LA) and NAI Capital (Palm Desert).  

“We believe these brokerage and marketing relationships with Studley and NAI Capital give us a special combination of national, international and local resources to represent Banning in all possible sales or leasing scenarios,” Mark Frost said.   

LLODOWN December 03, 2012 at 04:05 PM
Ain't this a joke or what! Outlet stores & restaurant's, cleaners & WTF We have all that already Da... Why you don't put a grocery STORE so we don't have to drive five miles threw PHINES'S BANNING! WOW... Or coming from CABAZON!
ATC December 03, 2012 at 06:00 PM
What a joke. Courthouse visitors will NOT need "business service/copy center outlet, cleaners, convenience stores, banking, gift shop, computer and phone store, professional office space plus a hotel". Lawyers cannot have offices close to courthouses; it's considered ambulance chasing, and Courthouse visitors are, for the most part, jury members. They come in the morning, they leave at the end of their jury day. The only thing they "need" while here is lunch, nothing else. When is the last time any of you stayed around a courthouse to "shop" because of your jury service?
Don Sax December 03, 2012 at 07:30 PM
It seems that downtown living has something to do with people living in the downtown area. I trust that the possibility of high density inner city living is being looked at and a component of the planning.
LLODOWN December 04, 2012 at 02:00 AM
Elle December 04, 2012 at 05:48 AM
We will just have to wait and see what happens.


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