Slain Detective's Funeral: Redlands Police Chief Says 'It's a Tough Day'

'When one of these types of tragedies occur, it requires all of us in law enforcement to be able to come together to be united for that common cause of protecting our community,' the Redlands chief of police said.

When multimurder suspect and renegade ex-cop Christopher Dorner was cornered at a cabin in Seven Oaks, heavily-armed Redlands police provided backup and manned a roadblock at State Route 38 and Bryant Street just north of Yucaipa.

By the time Dorner's death was confirmed, so were the identities of both law enforcement officers authorities said were ambushed and killed in confrontations with the fugitive.

"It's a tough day," Redlands police Chief Mark Garcia said Thursday after San Bernardino County sheriff's Detective Jeremiah MacKay's funeral at the San Manuel Amphitheatre in northwest San Bernardino.

Riverside police Officer Michael Crain and MacKay both had ties to Redlands. Crain graduated from Redlands High and MacKay, who attended Rim of the World, was a resident of Redlands.

"When one of these types of tragedies occur, it requires all of us in law enforcement to be able to come together to be united for that common cause of protecting our community," Garcia said.

"And today was a very heartwrenching day to send Deputy MacKay off for his end of watch. I feel for his family and appreciate the sacrifice that he and the San Bernardino County sheriff's department made to be able to apprehend and stop that cop killer from causing any more harm to anybody else. It's always difficult . . . "

The fact that Crain and MacKay had ties to Redlands hit home, but it also showed something about the community, Garcia said.

"That shows you the type of city that Redlands is," Garcia said. "That people want to be a part of it.

"It shows you that Redlands raises fine men and women who are willing to be courageous in the line of duty and sacrifice things that we hold dear in order to be able to protect our communities," Garcia said.

Authorities believe Dorner is accountable for four killings in the space of ten days: a former LAPD captain's daughter and her fiancé in Irvine on Feb. 3, Crain on Feb. 7, and MacKay on Feb. 12.

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Amanda Frye February 22, 2013 at 05:07 PM
The picture is a poignant reminder that life isn't always fair as former San Bernardino Sheriff Deputy, Sharon Fletcher who was severely injured in the line of duty over twenty years ago, lifts up a heart-felt prayer during the funeral for slain San Bernardino Sheriff Detective MacKay.


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