PASS ELECTIONS 2012: Banning City Council Candidate Larry L. Tucker

There are six candidates running for three spots on the Banning City Council. The next forum is scheduled Monday Oct. 8 at Sun Lakes. In the coming days, Banning-Beaumont Patch will devote space to each of the six candidates.

The next Banning City Council candidates forum is scheduled Oct. 8 at Sun Lakes.

In the coming days, Banning-Beaumont Patch will devote space to each of the six candidates.

At the first forum Tuesday Oct. 2, retiree Larry L. Tucker made his closing remarks in Banning Council Chambers:

Tucker: Keep in mind, I'm the only disabled person running for council, and I've been on the city buses. I've talked to a lot of people, they can't get to their jobs at night when they've got to go to work, they can't come from their jobs at night.

Banning's not looking into this thing at all, based on the taxpayers' words to me. I have a petition to close the electric company down here. Signed. I went out and got signatures. About eight thousand people. And I don't think there's eight thousand voters in this town. Alright.

So when you come right down to it, somebody don't like what's going on here. I sure don't. Whether you're a vet, or whether not a vet, you should not be treated like you're nothing. I went to the east side. The east side says 'We need a grocery store.' They ain't nobody mentioning on the Banning council about putting a grocery store on the east side, that I know of.

They don't want to go all the way to Beaumont and spend their money. They want to spend their money in Banning. But we're not, as a council, looking that way yet. So . . . when it comes right down to it, we're not looking at voters, we're looking at ourselves.

I'm the poorest guy on this panel right now. The rest of these guys got a car. I ride around on a motorized wheelchair to get back and forth to home.

I don't get to spend on gas, to spend money at the gas station to make Banning rich, but I do spend money for electric. And that electric bill kills me. And I found out today, that electric bill . . . is not controlled by Banning, and I think it should be.

So, I'm from Banning, I married my wife, from Banning, and I want to do everything I can for the Banning voters to help them grow and prosper and go on with their lives.

The next forum is scheduled at 6:30 p.m. Monday at Sun Lakes and it is for Sun Lakes residents only.

The candidates as they appear on Banning sample ballots are Art Welch, Larry L. Tucker, Edward Miller, Don Robinson, Adam Buchanan and Don M. Peterson.

Every registered voter in Banning will be able to vote for three candidates on Nov. 6.

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