PASS ELECTIONS 2012: Banning City Council Candidate Edward Miller

There are six candidates running for three spots on the Banning City Council. The next forum is scheduled Monday Oct. 8 at Sun Lakes. In the coming days, Banning-Beaumont Patch will devote space to each of the six candidates.

The next Banning City Council candidates forum is scheduled Oct. 8 at Sun Lakes.

In the coming days, Banning-Beaumont Patch will devote space to each of the six candidates.

At the first forum Tuesday Oct. 2, retired engineer Edward Miller made his closing remarks in Banning Council Chambers:

Miller: I'd just like to thank Don for his wonderful Renaissance Pet Resort. Our pet was there all those years and they took wonderful care of him. So thank you Don. But our city itself is in very serious trouble. As I mentioned before we have a hundred and fifteen million dollars in bond debt which was not necessary. And that bond debt has to be paid for by us and by the future people that live here.

We have a balanced budget. That doesn't mean anything. You can always balance a budget, by cutting and cutting and cutting. We don't have enough police. We don't have enough, our utility rates are too high, and so on. You can always balance a budget. How do we solve this? We can't solve it in a rapid fashion.What long-term plan do we have?

I believe the long-term plan, the one thing that makes Banning unique is that we have a city college, a community college here. Now the community college is controlled by the San Jacinto college board but the city that this college is in has a tremendous influence on it. And if we get that college to be expanded the students will come, they will bring business with them, businesses that like students will be attracted here, the students that graduate will have the education that will encourage new businesses to come here, they will have the income to have retail businesses come here.

So I think it's vital for us to do everything we can to encourage that college here. I think it's outrageous that some of the classes are held in Beaumont High School. This is a Banning city college and we should have every class here. We have high schools. We could have classes held in the high schools.

Now last year, two years ago, there was a proposal to have a bond issue. Our city people cannot afford another bond issue and there is no necessity for another bond issue. The way the colleges always expand is to have the classes held in the local high schools. When they get enough students the state is required to give the money to build that college. And the state may not have the money now. But it will. So that college is our future and we should do everything we can to encourage that future.

The candidates as they appear on Banning sample ballots are Art Welch, Larry L. Tucker, Edward Miller, Don Robinson, Adam Buchanan and Don M. Peterson.

Every registered voter in Banning will be able to vote for three candidates on Nov. 6.

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