Nearly 200 Arrested During Riverside County's Anti-DUI Campaign

The 2014 Memorial Day weekend saw DUI-related 185 arrests.

A countywide crackdown on drunken and drug-impaired drivers netted 185 arrests over the Memorial Day weekend, authorities said Tuesday.

The Riverside County Avoid the 30 task force -- named for the number of area law enforcement agencies involved -- initiated an anti-DUI campaign beginning Friday morning and concluding at 11:59 p.m. Monday, during which four sobriety checkpoints and 20 saturation patrols were deployed.

Participating cities included  Blythe, Coachella, Corona, Indian Wells, La Quinta, Lake Elsinore, Moreno Valley, Palm Springs, Perris, Riverside, San Jacinto and Temecula.

Last year's Memorial Day weekend campaign resulted in 205 arrests. Unlike last year, there were no DUI-related fatalities countywide between Friday and Monday.

The Avoid campaign coincided with the California Highway Patrol's "maximum enforcement period," during which all available officers hit the streets to catch lawbreakers.

Another Avoid program is slated for the July 4 weekend.

– City News Service.

Justice For All May 30, 2014 at 07:25 AM
@Diego Rose -- Relax and don't kill the messenger… I was just regurgitating information culled from some NON-GOVERNMENTAL research sources to help explain why DUI checkpoints are still being used by 76% of the nation. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I gather from your over-reaction that you're one of those obnoxious "Flex-Your-Rights" folks who grind on about conspiracy theories and such. You're obviously in a tiny minority that believes that the government has conspired to violate your constitutional rights by setting up a few DUI checkpoints during drinking holiday weekends for some absurd reason. All I can tell you is that the number of DUI related crashes and deaths have plummeted since the introduction of these campaigns, and continue to decline. But I'm sure you could really give a sh!t, as long as you aren't inconvenienced by what you think is a constitutional violation (but isn't), because everyone knows that your right to not be inconvenienced is are far more precious than lives, right??? lol! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well, this is America and it's certainly your right to believe and say what you want, no matter how ignorant it makes you look, without fear of government retribution. That's not quite the case in the rest of the world, if you bother to read some news. But don't insult real Americans by comparing this petty crap with the tyranny of Nazi's… I'm sure there are a lot of patriots, WWII veterans, and some holocaust survivors who would love to take the time to set you straight about the freedoms we enjoy in USA compared with Nazi Germany. You need to choose your battles more carefully. If you are so offended by the law in this country, then you are free to leave (a freedom that's also not shared by the rest of the world). ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- And, I'm not quite sure that I understand your take on the whole justice system… If you mean it's pretty much a black hole that sucks tax dollars to babysit criminals who have no respect for others, then you're right. If you think that the courts and jails are some kind of profit machine that spits out money and makes the government rich, then YOU need the fact check… (or a medication check)!
ChrisG May 30, 2014 at 04:24 PM
@justice, I've seen that 20% figure reported by multiple sources. My question has always been what is the deterrent benefit of actually arresting more drunk drivers. To my way of thinking, knowing the police are always actively searching for drunk drivers and those arrested are publicized then that would obviously make more people aware of the dangers of driving drunk. More so than the occasional DUI check point.
Justice For All May 31, 2014 at 03:16 AM
@ChrisG -- This is a point of contention and confusion for a lot of people. The actual arrest of DUI drivers really does little to achieve the ultimate goal of prevention. High numbers of arrests do not represent success. It's the low numbers that are striven for, and determine if prevention is working. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Clearly, the idiots who get caught, aren't heeding the warnings or getting the message. They obviously have to be dealt with, and the hope is that stiff fines and penalties will possibly drive the message home for them. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A lot of behavioral analysis has gone into these DUI campaigns, and believe it or not, the point is not just to apprehend drunk drivers. The purpose is to put on a multimedia "dog-and-pony" show for the community and hopefully give people a psychological nudge to remember to drink responsibly, and don't drive drunk. Otherwise, cops are everywhere and you'll probably get caught. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Studies have shown that checkpoints are annoying and tick people off, but this stirs discussion among friends and family about the consequences of over indulgence during the holidays, and the resulting deterrent factor has a short term impact on DUI prevention. The ultimate goal is to have zero DUI arrests during a campaign. Although some fools will never be convinced that checkpoints are anything more than a Gestapo motivated dragnet intent on depriving individual freedoms.
ChrisG May 31, 2014 at 09:03 AM
@justice, I've heard that argument before. I understand what you are saying but I don't subscribe to it. Strict enforcement of traffic laws along with publicizing arrests is a better deterrent in my view. More drunks arrested is better than feel good measures. I know we both share the goal of safer streets. We will have to agree to disagree.
Justice For All May 31, 2014 at 09:17 AM
@ChrisG -- Agreed. These campaigns are "multi-faceted" and different approaches strike home with different people. Regardless of how you received it, you've obviously got the message. Mission accomplished.


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