Thank You Beaumont

Just wish to say thanks , it is not a traffic light, but a flashing red light above the stop sign is a great start...... traveling east on 1st street from Beaumont avenue towards walmart, "when" the sun is directly in front of you, the stop sign has people blazing right thru and not stopping, hopefully the flashing red will help. ive been west bound at the stop, and have watched 3 very, very near misses. , Beaumont officials, how bout a "stop ahead" sign to warn fellow travelers of the up coming stop.   Blessings to all reading this.  June and me
Washy December 13, 2013 at 09:02 PM
They were busy today protecting the people of Beaumont from themselves. Since the lazy parents park right under NO PARKING signs near the community center on Cherry and OVP They had to waste tax payer money to put signs directing everyone to the lot they KNOW is there. Last weekend instead of ticketing 15+cars illegally parked the police went in and asked each owner to move their car. An hour later 15+ more cars in their spot and the police doing the same thing. Imagine the income generated from parking tickets and lazy parents
Angelwings December 15, 2013 at 03:29 PM
once again a comment to take the attention away from the original purpose of the post. anyway....for Steve and June: even Slow progress is good progress, and any step toward safety is progress. I guess baby steps, right. Hope that the flashing red light and your positive appreciation to recognize the great effort from our city will make an impact towards solving the problem at hand. .....Washy, someday it would be amazing to be able to read a positive sentiment with your "name" attached to it.
Steve & June December 17, 2013 at 09:15 AM
kudos to angelwings, there was 1 instance where the lady in the suv van pulled out onto 1st street, this truck just blazed on thru the stop sign, mark my words, when the sun is directly in front of you, and your coming over the rise of the hill, someone will be killed. hoping the flashing red light will help in that case of the intersection. my family has been here in Beaumont since 1947, we love Beaumont. thanks again angelwings


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