Poll: Should Local Cable Outlets Air Al-Jazeera’s American News Channel?

Al Gore and partners this week sold Current TV to Dakar-based news network for $500 million.

Are you ready for Al-Jazeera America?  The Associated Press reports that the Dakar-owned news network “plans to gradually transform Current [TV] into a [U.S.] network … by adding five to 10 new U.S. bureaus beyond the five it has now and hiring more journalists. More than half of the content will be U.S. news and the network will have its headquarters in New York.”

The pan-Arab network has evolved from its days of America-bashing war coverage.

Al-Jazeera has garnered respect for its ability to build a serious news product in a short time,” the AP said. “In a statement announcing the deal, it touted numerous U.S. journalism awards it received in 2012, including the Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award Grand Prize and the Scripps Howard Award for Television/Cable In-Depth Reporting.”

Al Gore, former vice president to Bill Clinton, was one of the owners of Current TV who sold the left-leaning outlet to Al-Jazeera for a reported $500 million.  Should his old channel be seen in Los Angeles, Riverside and San Bernardino counties?

desertpatriot January 16, 2013 at 12:48 AM
@stinkin' rose: have you ever visited/ traveled through/ lived in the muslim world? answer: no note: i do not object to you and other misguided liberals speaking out of your arse but please give a moments notice next time. thanx and have a nice day
Diego Rose January 16, 2013 at 03:24 AM
@desert pat. You should think before you speak/write. If your idea of fair & balanced is Fox news then you really are blinded by party politics and definitely have a misguided ideology of what "our" western culture is. America is a melting pot, remember? You don't have to agree with what is said by any news outlet but you do have to read between the lines, especially with the American media that has been bought & paid for! The best way to fight any war is to be well informed about your enemy. If Al Jazeera is going to spew anti-Israel/pro-Islamic rhetoric then maybe a better and more honest representation of what they are would be cast on the American people. At least the information wouldn't be given to Americans by bigoted misinformed & misguided individual such as yourself.The fact is that Al Jazeera is already being telecast in the US and is actually a very well done newscast. They actually still have investigative reporters unlike CNN, Fox, and MSNBC. Oh and by the way, the last thing most people who know me would call me is a liberal. I believe in FREEDOM & LIBERTY!!!!! I am a Ron Paul supporter because I believe in common sense. It is too bad it seems to be so UN-common! You are probable so caught up in thinking that it should be "your" way that you are intolerant to what our western culture is supposed to be. A beacon of freedom! Your military oath is to the Constitution of the US. Please don't forget that. Life, liberty, & the pursuit of happiness. Not just yours!!
desertpatriot January 16, 2013 at 04:41 PM
@stinkin' rose: before forming an opinion on the pro-islamic 'all-jazzy' network please do yourself a favor and turn off the tv, push away from the computer and GO TRAVEL ABROAD!!! in the meantime, for your own sake as well as others shut your pie hole
Diego Rose January 16, 2013 at 05:16 PM
You really do sound as dumb as picture infers you might be! It's obvious your just a brainwashed bigot. You bought everything they sold you and now your mad. Sorry
Diego Rose January 17, 2013 at 06:00 PM
Our local stations give us the current news outlets they do, and some people in a way think that Al-Jazeera is worse? I wonder why? They obviously have not ever watched it. It is currently available. From what I can tell, it seems to be a more straight forward broadcast. Journalism is really supposed to just be about reporting the facts. ALL JOURNALIST have the same type of oath to that truth. It seems much harder to find it in the US broadcast though. Why?


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