misplaced patriotism?

depleted uranium residue on the police assault vehicle is a serious consideration to look into as I understand it has a
long shelf life and expensive to
decontaminate.The marine base is expanding our way and they are lax in protecting the
citizens , and their young from
contaminates,and global banksters .China is the next wave of immigrants , they work real cheap ,see lowes , home depot , wallyworld ,etc.With the federalizing all police and militarizing them we will have more than the current 700 plus military global bases in 139 countries .Pay for this first please.Is this protecting our grandchildrens heritage?I never said I was smart...just hope everyone is safe from a possible oversight as far as depleted uranium contamination is concerned.
fukishima contamination is
not reported either and is a serious threat to our gmo 
crops of edible vegetation,etc.
All wars are bankster wars and it has come to your town,enjoy the expensive safety because your childrens children will be paying for it.
Gail Dion December 31, 2013 at 11:29 PM
The 1950s were nice weren't they? Bankrolled by WWII and the Korean War. They even tried to balance the books in the 60s and 70s with the Vietnam War. It's a damn shame that 58,000+ soldiers, sailors and airmen had to die for sake of political publicity. I commend you for your statement about depleted uranium and the encroaching military base etc. yet, I fear that what you've said falls on deaf ears. The government of the USA has become such a tremendous presence that it dwarfs the American People and steers them into thinking just exactly as it wants them to think. The idea that it is within the power of the people to change the government is long gone. Nowadays the people just take it in the rump and sigh, "What can I do?" I think it was Will Rogers who once said that, "It is necessary to the politician to create at least as many problems as he claims to have solved or else he'll solve himself out of a job." Hell, it might have been my father who said that. But no matter because it sure rings true in this age of super-sized professional politicians. Me? I'm just stuck with all the memories of what Ellery Foster, Black Bart, and me; "Freewheelin' Freddy" went through throughout the 60s, 70s, and 80s. I tell you this my friend; there is no stronger power then the ignorance of people. Have we not seen evidence time after time of how "our government" betrays us and continues to do so? The American People have become numb to the abuse. I think I better leave it at this because I also fear that I will again make myself crazy, and I'm to old now to make the mistake of trying to enlighten people as to the dangers awaiting us. I will say but one more thing being the words of Dwight D. Eisenhower who stated upon leaving office that the American People should be cautious of the "military-industrial complex". It has come. It has enveloped the police departments of our nation, and will continue to grow until it has satisfied itself and reduced the US to a third world country subject to the demands of a dictatorship.
Diego Rose January 03, 2014 at 10:25 AM
There are many of us who are AWAKE and can hear just fine! Stay optimistic, liberty is the voice within every living being.
Gail Dion January 05, 2014 at 05:00 PM
There always must be someone as myself whirling around at the bottom of the barrel because there will always be somebody who will ask themselves; how did I get here, what was the cause of my dismay and disgust? Of course there are many people at the bottom of the barrel I am happy to report. People who are AWAKE. The problem is that for some reason we are not actually together. Our whirling about does not seem to connect and we end up drowning. I love this country but despise what is being done to it. Recalling a time a few years back when 785 billion dollars was divided amongst the ones that caused the horrible economic state that the US found itself in. I thought; why not divide that huge sum equally among the people in the form of restricted debit cards, we could buy anything we wanted and as much of it as we wanted, but it could only be American made products. 785 billion dollars put back into this country from the grassroots level would regenerate American industry and provide jobs, real jobs as opposed to temporary labor positions that politicians use to soften the reality of how many Americans are unemployed. Real jobs that would fill the tax coffers and pay down the US debt. I guess the idea of giving all that money to the problem makers was that the money would trickle down and every citizen would benefit because it would grow the economy. Wasn't that tried once already under Reagan? It didn't work then why would it work this time? My father used to say as many father's do, that you must begin at the bottom if you want to get to the top. Foundation first and then the house, etc. But in this instance they decided that it was best to begin at the attic. But of course the attic falls if there's no house to support it. Still that's how the politicians do it because it's all about getting and keeping themselves in a good position. Calvin Coolidge once appeared in a publicity photograph wearing worn coveralls but spit shining dress shoes. The entire idea was to entice the farmers to vote for him. Fortunately the farmers back then didn't go for it. But then again when Coolidge was president, he was really big on naps so he really wasn't awake enough to be responsible for the bad things that happened back then when they did happen. Well, that's it from my end. I'll return to whirling. Later.
Jeremiah January 05, 2014 at 06:53 PM
Gail - I like the way you think. You described what is happening very well. Here is a video documentary (it actually came from Diego Rose who also replied to you) which I think you will find very informative. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_1DkzNnlqv0 **** It is called "From Freedom to Fascism". Unfortunately, it has revealed to me that people supposedly "awake" really aren't. I have posted it on many political blog sites without a single response - most people are talking but no one is acting - they are comfortable in their homes in front of their computers postulating while Rome is burning. Many reasons for that - while attention has been focused on armed military suppression of the public somewhere in the future, the financial interests have aligned themselves with the government as their tool and ALREADY enslaved people into a position that cannot be escaped from. No need for gun control and watchdogism - we have already given up every freedom except what we are allowed. **** Jeremiah
Gail Dion January 06, 2014 at 04:38 AM
Jeremiah, my husband Clint and I, just finished watching the film and we were certainly riveted to it. I don't think him nor me were able to blink throughout the presentation. Thank-you. We discussed one of the enticements used by the IRS to keep citizens returning for more abuse. The fact that the majority of American's file returns because they will get some money back. I think that this aspect is proof in itself that American's are overtaxed in the first place let alone the unconstitutionality of us being taxed at all. My husband spent considerable years in prison during the 1970's and beyond and he used this time to involve himself in the study of national-international changes. He tells me that it's really amazing what all one can see from behind 40 ft. walls. He had a lot of hours to ponder. He tells me that one of his favorite observations was/is that of Dostoevski's in the book Crime and Punishment (1866), "Prison is a microcosm of the society in which it exists", it is free society without any clothing. He was able to study people in their pure state not only at the level of convicts, but also at the level of corrections officials; directors, wardens, and guards...etc.. He was just moments ago, telling me how in the 1970's prisons were really ran by the convicts. In effect, it was nothing to buy a guard or put him into some situation where he'd be forced to work for the convict(s). But whatever happened, it happened in plain view because the majority of convicts had no interest in what another con was up to so no one put their nose in. This was the way of the other guards too, because they were fearful of the "insider" environment. So there's a certain similarity in the way big banks manipulate political figures. The way they reduce the law makers into puppets (to bring in the dope the way they want it brought in and dropped off where they want it dropped off). The only real difference is the subterfuge of their methods. In the free world the bankers and politicians stroke each others feathers and blind the citizenry. In prison no one cares if someone sees or has a clue as to what's going down. Because it was generally accepted that seeing was one thing, but speaking about it was quite surely, another thing. My point being that upon analysis, a lot that happens in the free world can be seen very clearly in what happens inside prison. The two sides of a coin are not to far apart. One thing that I've been interested in for years is the number of police officers per number of US citizens. How has the number of police grown? When I say police I mean at all levels; municipal, state, federal agencies (ATF, FBI, CIA, etc.), private police and so forth... any law enforcement service that holds the power of deadly force over John and Jane Doe. Or another way of putting it: is what % of the US population holds the lawful prerogative to kill John or Jane Doe? That's about all I have for the moment. Gail and Clint
Jeremiah January 06, 2014 at 08:48 AM
Gail and Clint - you used the word I used about the documentary - riveting. It should be required viewing for every person in America, because not only does the film-maker make a point that we are far down the road of progression to Fascism, he proves that point. **** Clint's viewpoint of prison being a microcosm of the society within which it exists rings true - we are all locked in a prison from which we cannot escape. While we were watching for gun control and forming militias we were being enslaved by the financial interests. There is no purpose for them to enslave us with military force - in fact it would be counterproductive - as long as we keep sending the money to the top. The trick is to make us feel free and that we are in charge of our own destinies while they make more and more laws requiring us to act in certain ways to be "free" to feed the machine. **** Now I have to go to work and give even more to the machine than God asks us to give Him. Maybe we will talk more at another time. You both have a good day! **** Jeremiah


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