animal welfare

my husband and I are looking to buy a small section of land and a small trailer home; enough area that we can establish a no kill shelter where we can take care of abandoned dogs and where injured or otherwise ill dogs, can be nursed back to health. we are to old to continue running across the country to disaster zones so we feel that a small rescue kennel will allow us to stay involved and help out on a community level. certainly some assistance will be needed in order to get things up and running and to keep operating. for now however, it's 2 or 3 acres and house trailer. a fenced area is preferred because we do have dogs to bring with us. any help will be sincerely appreciated. thank-you truly, gail and clint. 
Ellen Carr December 21, 2013 at 10:56 AM
Do you live in the Banning area? I've been trying for years to get a home for TENDER LOVING CRITTERS ANIMAL RESCUE. We are a non profit rescue. We've been in the Banning area since the 1980's. Good luck! If you have a chance look up our page on Facebook. It will tell you about what we're trying to do. Ellen TLC Animal Rescue
Gail Dion December 23, 2013 at 02:07 AM
Ellen, this is the reason we are searching for a new home and property. We now live in Thousand Palms in a very small residence and do not have the required space to take on any more animals. We are hoping to find a place in the Banning-Beaumont area. Yes we are aware of the tax break for donations to animal welfare concerns. When we are settled we will be most happy to assist you. Are you aware of the extreme number of animals that are euthanized in California especially in Riverside County? At least 70% of animals collected by animal services are killed. We thought that such a number could only happened in the southeastern U.S. Do you have any thoughts as to what can be done about this? Let's stay in touch and we will let you know when we find a place that is sufficient for the comfortable housing of animals. Thank-you again, Gail and Clint.
Gail Dion January 02, 2014 at 08:27 PM
Ellen Carr, take a look at this: Chesley v. Morton, Georgia Department of Agriculture, and Tommy Irvin in his official capacity of commissioner. I think you may be amazed to see that Georgia per this civil action, is the only state in the nation to have established law(s) concerning comprehensive fair and humane treatment of animals.


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