animal welfare

my husband and I have long been involved with animal welfare. my husbands profession is animal rescue and he has travelled to a variety of disasters in order to rescue dogs in particular because he believes that dogs by nature most apt to make an already bad situation worse. he and I are now in our 60's and surviving month to month on disability checks yet we still put animals ahead of ourselves. some do say we are a bit touched for doing this but sobeit especially where our dogs and community dogs are concerned. the truth for us has always been simply that mankind domesticated canines and this fact makes them our responsibility
Ellen Carr December 21, 2013 at 11:01 AM
Dogs have it bad but community (feral) cats have it even worse...my opinion. Let's face it any animal that doesn't have a loving home is in need of a lot of community help. TLC Animal Rescue handles both cats and dogs. We use foster homes. Are you a 501(c)(3)? We are.
Gail Dion December 23, 2013 at 01:45 AM
Thank-you Ellen for responding, and I agree that feral cats have an unbelievably unfair dilemma. In our neighborhood there are many of them. However, I find them to be so independent that helping them requires a skill that my husband and I are not familiar with and our time is limited with taking care of abused dogs. This is not to say that our hearts are not broken by their plight. Should the opportunity arise to help them we would not turn our backs. However, they always keep their distance. We applaud your success in this area. People like us are so needed in this world and it is essential that we work together. Sincerely, Gail and Clint.
Ellen Carr December 24, 2013 at 01:20 AM
I believe in networking. If we can't work with each other than how can we expect people to work with us? We also rescue dogs mainly from the county shelters. We usually are asked to take the pregnant dogs or cats. Let's face it a shelter isn't a place to give birth. Our last dog came from Animal Samaritans. I rescued her on a Tuesday and Wednesday she had 7 pups! 5 survived. The pups and mom were all spayed/neutered, micro chipped, given vaccinations, wormed etc. and put up for adoption. As you can see we do both cats and dogs. I must say, cats are easier to handle than dogs! They also don't require as much space as dogs. Let's keep in touch.


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