Is there aything anyone can do about the people wh stand on the same corners and off ramps everyday begging for money? With the same people in the same places it seems they are taking advantage of the people of our cities and give us a bad image and name
Libi Uremovic December 21, 2013 at 11:37 PM
they need to offer a service like washing the windows.....i think a great service would be to have a giant trash bag and offer to take people's trash out of their car ..... 80% of commuters eat & drink in their cars - they would pay a couple bucks to get the trash out of their cars ...
Jeremiah December 22, 2013 at 11:12 AM
Here is a completely facetious and sarcastic suggestion, but a thought anyway! Maybe we could replace some on the City Councils with some of these guys - at least they know how to gather money, not throw it around on useless and costly warehouse projects! **** Jeremiah
ATC December 22, 2013 at 01:09 PM
The homeless and "down on their luck" are giving you a bad image? No, Jessica, you are doing that all on your own. I'm just amazed that you are so self-righteous to actually post something like this, just a few days before Christmas. Nice to see that the spirit of Christmas skipped over your house.
beaumontdave December 22, 2013 at 11:37 PM
How dare those people make me feel bad about myself and my city.
rubberband December 23, 2013 at 11:27 AM
ATC and beaumontdave: LOL...well said... We have a similar situation/complainer in this neck of the woods...."Damn those unwashed people who have nothing being all POOR where I can see them, EW...they should clean up their act....and dress better! IT'S getting cold outside, don't they care about themselves?! And how they are making ME feel!?"......../sigh. ( Folks, I was in your area yesterday, heading out to the outlet area -please make the shopping stop- and it was a beautiful day out there....Where you all live is really quite nice....lots of space! /waved hi to you all.) Merry merry, Beaumont!
pamela December 23, 2013 at 09:29 PM
Im with ATC'' you have no idea obviously of what it is like to be homeless with you all cuddled up in your warm home at night!!!! If they are on the same corners every single day then they have that right ,just as you have the right to voice your stink!! what a joyful christmas spirit you have !! Merry Christmas!
pamela December 24, 2013 at 11:37 PM
beaumont resident~ You Applaud the efforts being made to help the homeless??? ''what'' effort, besides the sites that offer food?? what about a homeless shelter here in our surrounding area?? right here in banning on lincoln ave. there is a 2 story office building with multiple rooms going to waste because of whatever reason...''that would be a perfect place to allow the homeless to hold up shelter''especially '' in the cold months!!!!! I never said in my post that their were no drug addicts on the corner, all Im saying is that they have every right to stand on the corner as jessica has the right to complain about them being a poor sight to her vision., If they were such a problem I think the police officers would have had done something already....and for your information 'beaumont resident, ' I use to feed an give money to an old man out here that went by the name poppie and he had a shopping cart ,but '' he also had a home!!!!!!!!!! he just liked being out on the streets., there was another man that use to pan handle under apache trail every day ''all'' day and he did not use drugs and was killed on 8th street crossing the on ramp on his way to the recycling by a speeding car getting onto the freeway, with all that you have written it has only proved that you enjoy writing about things that you really have no clue to what is reality!!! by the way , Merry Christmas :)
pamela December 24, 2013 at 11:40 PM
p.s. ''a lot '' of people have fallen on hard times and have no way to make it better, everyone has a story and the best stories to hear about what life is like are the ones that struggle every day just to live ''one more day''!!!!
jessica morris December 27, 2013 at 02:06 AM
Just to defend myself, yes I know what it is to be homeless and be on the streets. Yes I do feed the homeless. And yes I don't have much money living on social security. I did nat say anything about how they look just that it is the same people everyday that BEG for money on the SAME corners. WHY can't the CITY, who is sooo busy making sure they have an armored suv spend that money doing something to HELP these people not be on the corner.Just think how you feel about an area like San Bernardino when you see and hear about the violence. Makes you not want to go there because you feel for your safety. The people make the city and I want to know what we can do to get these people off the corner BEGGING for money. WHY can't the CITY and COMMUNITY make PROGRAMS to help them? WHY is it always the CHURCHES that seem to do anything and all the people say that someone esle will do something about it. SO, NOW I ASK, IS THERE ANYTHING SOMEONE, WE, OR ANYONE CAN DO TO SOLVE THIS PROBLEM OR DO WE JUST CONTINUE TO "FEEL SORRY" FOR THEM?????
Washy December 27, 2013 at 08:09 AM
Recently the cities (Banning/Beaumont) got together to do a "homeless census" and only 9 people were counted the rest came up with addresses. YOU want change MAKE the change. Adopt a homeless person. When I was living in Beaumont we adopted the 60yr old lady that hangs out at the gas station near Wendy's we would make sure she had clean clothes and food. Our extra resources went to her (now that we are in another town we have found another homeless person we help) Imagine if everyone picked one person to help. Brought them clean clothes and took their clothes home to wash for the next exchange. Gave them a few extra days food so at night they would go to sleep knowing they would wake up to some good food. I cry lies at Jessica Morris saying "she has been homeless" if she ever had been homeless she would know HOW TO HELP. No vacant buildings can be used and let me tell you why. Fifteen years ago a homeless man walked into Beaumont city hall and to the auditorium down there. A church was getting ready for an Easter play so they let him stay to be warm and the man got himself hurt on some wood. He SUED the city, the church and the man who was carrying wood. (the family of the man who was in charge of the wood lost their home over this lawsuit) He (the homeless man) won against all. Now if we open up vacant buildings to the homeless who is going to carry the insurance to make sure people are not sued?
Jeremiah December 27, 2013 at 10:13 AM
A disclaimer and waiver would take care of everything except valid negligence suits. Jessica asks a serious question - why can't cities do more for their homeless? The quick answer is they don't want to for fear of becoming a magnet and attracting more homeless. It could be done except people care more about themselves than they do the homeless. Washy makes some good points as well - it is not as simple as just opening the doors to vacant buildings. A very few homeless would be helped and keep their shelter up, however most would let their place run down and move on. A true homeless shelter would take conversion of buildings to residences and require workers, security, maintenance, etc.. It would be the same as running a high-density apartment complex. It could be done but it would be a resource-intensive project and I don't know of any businesses or city people willing to go the extra mile and cater to people. It is a question, however - why is it mostly only churches that try and mostly fail to care for the homeless? Anybody have an answer to that? **** Jeremiah
rubberband December 27, 2013 at 12:42 PM
Hey Jeremiah-hope it was merry and bright! It may feel like that only churches help, I wanted to jump in and assure you there are many organizations that are not affiliated with a church that do help, quite a bit, and share both financial help and kindness and warmth. This is something anyone can do, like Washy mentioned, a version of that for people who are new to this or scared of jumping in? Get a back pack you no longer use...fill it with warm clothes and some toiletries, and some food, canned is good (include a spoon and hand-held can opener if they aren't the cans with the easy-open lids.) Ask someone if they'd like a care package, talk to them and hand it over. Clean warm clothes and something to clean up with (baby wipes are also a good thing, a tip we got from our adopted soldier!) can make a very big difference.
Ken December 28, 2013 at 04:51 AM
Blanket assumptions cant cover this post adequately..But here is an observation I know and see on a regular basis. A lady in her 50ish years regularly pulls up in a late model nice Toyota and parks parellel to a fwy offramp, pops the trunk and gets out her sign. Its not for me to decide her need or reasons. Another example, on a slow day, I see a young woman meticulously picking up glass, around the same off-ramp while waiting for traffic. I was on a bike, she looked like she was in greater need of the couple bucks I had so I gave it to her. Was I enabling someone with a problem? I dont know, but I appreciated that she decided to do something that helped someone else. There are no easy answers.
don mckinney January 08, 2014 at 01:15 PM
If you talk about the economy , at all , you are anti semetic . If you talk about emmigration , at all , you are racist . If you talk about estrogen in our daily gmo food intake , at all which develop oversensitivity and man-boobs , you are anti feminine . If you talk about police / military shock and awe , the fake 911 , 3 towers falling from 2 light weight airplanes and low temperature fire 1100 degrees ,note ,it takes direct 2200 degrees of heat to bend steel , you are a suspected terrorist . Under the NATIONAL DEFENSE AUTHORIZATION ACT , as a declared BELIGERANT , you CAN be secreted away without trial or notification to anyone and jailed , killed . tortured , dismembered and body parts strewn about near roads and schools as in CIUDAD JUAREZ , MEXICO ,our close neighbor and NAFTA partner just across the border from EL PASO ,TEXAS , where real AMERIKANS
don mckinney January 08, 2014 at 02:04 PM
LIVE . THE police are now a part of the military and have the assault vehicle to attack these homeless people who make more money begging on street corners than a person who works full time .THIS is a statement on the SOCIAL CONTRACT you made when as a child you were expected to PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE TO THE FLAG OF THE U.S. for 12 years as a minor , Now your even possibility to find a living wage job is diluted by population , supply exceeds demand to an overwhelming degree .Witness INDIAN WELLS AND PALM DESERT AND WAY BEYOND .The super RICH hire illegal and unlicensed workers almost entirely , some work under white contractors , but the result is ther are way , way , way too few living wage jobs left to support a single family home in a respectable way .Sure you can work for the POLICE and get a MILLION DOLLARS PENTION OVER YOUR RETIREMENT , but that has proven to be a severe detriment to society economically ,and created the THEM AND US , CRIMINAL'S JUST US SYSTEM that are the enforcers with tax payer financed military to enforce the BANKSTERS TYRANNY upon us .THE NEXT WAVE OF UNDOCUMENTED EMMEGRANTS WILL BE CHINESE work for a fraction of these wages .If the global BANKSTERS own our military and police , we are not even free slaves .During the bailout the banks laundered drug cartel money for ten years that they pled guilty and paid 8.6 billion dollar fine to their overseers and NOT ONE WENT TO JAIL .This is whom our police/military are the enforcers for and your nieghbor will also turn you in plus your cell phone , computer and road cameras are watching,listening . So watch what you say or write here .It is your obligation to understand situational awareness .I recommend rather than watching lies by omission on t.v, try ; COAST TO COAST 640AM radio , ALEX JONES info wars , douglas dietrich , archivist for the UNITED NATIONS AND US ARMY ie; pearl harbor was no sneak attack ,ww 2 was forced by ROOSEVELDT AND BANKSTERS , as were all wars .Gerald CELENTE ,TRENDS JOURNAL ,my favorite. SREVE QUAYLE , pathogenic and radio frequency weapons , book of daniel . Kevin KAMPS ,RE; FUKUSHIMA 436 inferior nuclear reactors with NO waste management system ,high level waste to last till the end of time ...100 in our country like 3 mile island , and chernobyl that brought down the SOVIET EMPIRE , per YELTSIN .AND ABOVE ALL THE FIRST MOVIE ZEITGEIST free on internet .All one GOD where are you when we need you .
rubberband January 08, 2014 at 02:39 PM
Ever see V for Vendetta?
beaumontdave January 10, 2014 at 02:46 AM
Wow Don you live in a scary world. w Wow Don you live in a scary world. Believe me when the doctor tells you that its cancer, you stop worrying about all that other stuff and focus about how you and the wife are going to raise the grandchild before your time is done. And even if you survive you've got all the bills to deal with, so at some point you give up on conspiracy and focus on the day to day issues, but go ahead and have your manic moment, because at some point you're not going to give a shit about all that stuff, your just going to wonder about your next scan. Happy Trails.
Washy January 10, 2014 at 09:01 AM
Part one of your manifesto?
rubberband January 10, 2014 at 01:30 PM
Straight up, beaumontdave. You get "bad news" or suffer the death of some one very significant...or a 'very close call'...and what rises to your mind is to: LIVE...It's funny, that way...life. With vigor, or your own brand of it, clean your own yard and tend the garden of your people, and then spread it OUT....share it, and like yourself enough to make where you live/spend time a place were you feel safe and beloved. People that have a higher degree of "life satisfaction" and happiness LIKE/LOVE themselves and the people they know and value their time. The World and the humans that live on it can be heavy, sad, sick, and even twisted...it could be easy to lose the belief it's gonna be o.k....it's also a wonderful place, and people can be helpful, joyous, wonderful creatures....Somedays you gotta look harder, with better eyes, to see the good stuff. GO look for it or CREATE SOME.
beaumontdave January 13, 2014 at 10:27 PM
Back on point, I think homelessness is a complex set of circumstances that isn't resolved simply by feeding and housing people. That may help those with temporary issues, but the mentally ill, vets with issues, and chemical abusers are in need of intensive treatment or therapy, expensive solutions that working folks would be hard pressed to pay for. There's no money in government to spend on these folks, and no political will to make any great effort on behalf of those who don't vote, or pay taxes. So it's left to charities and churches to do what they can based on the charity of others with money. The future may bring better answers, some maybe technological. People give blood for money, maybe some day they'll give cells or some other renewable body component, although reading that makes me a bit squeamish. I once thought of power generation centers where the unemployed could come in and workout on exercise equipment that generated power for some pay. Or the world could one day find a working peace, and spend most of that defense money on making life better for their fellow man, but that kind of unity would scare the hell out of some bloggers.
desertpatriot January 14, 2014 at 08:33 PM
pamela wrote: ''what'' effort, besides the sites that offer food?? what about a homeless shelter here in our surrounding area?? ************************************************** pamela, just out of curiosity how many 'domicile challenged' vagrants have you put up in your home? have you ever offered to pay for their hotel/motel room? might i conclude with... i've stepped in puddles of water deeper than your character. have a nice day


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