That Bingham Lady sure got a Sweatheart Deal

That Bingham Lady sure got a Sweetheart Deal

Seems to me that I remember back in the 90's about that Bingham lady getting a sweetheart deal for some prime planting land next to the sewage treatment plant for a mere $250.00 smackers a year. I remember her getting pretty mad at the city council back then when they suggested that she needed to pay her fair share and not the measly amount she was paying. Seems like the property was worth about 12 times as much. Boy she sure had a fit. Why if fact after the city made a deal with her she still had pent up anger. In fact she was so mad one day she tried to run over the city staff with car on the street and ended up getting arrested. If I recall she spent some time in jail, paid a fine and had to attend anger management classes for a year. Well I don't know about you , but it seems like she wasted her money as she still is getting angry all the time.

Just some thougts. You all have  a Merry Christmas


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James Hampton December 24, 2012 at 07:26 PM
This entire argument would not have occurred if an unknown poster did not attack Mrs. Bingham in order to distract everyone from what Libi is posting on another blog. And the resultant finger pointing to a certain individual seemed to be the blogger's intent, for I, too, find Ben to have spoken about the correct reference, and found this material already posted previously. Some of the diction the blogger used also matches that of the person now faced with denying any connection. If anger is to be directed anywhere, it should only be towards the blogger, for it seems he deliberately set this other individual up to take the blame and resulting responses. He literally attacked both sides in this respect, and is no friend to either.
Greg M December 24, 2012 at 09:57 PM
I have to agree with one of the earlier posters about alias screen names. If there was a requirement to validate your identity, and require your actual name, I think we would see the trolls disappear, and the integrity and manners around here improve quite a bit. This is generally a local blog, we are all neighbors with a common interest, and I don't see the need to hide behind a false name.
Claire Frémont-Hampton December 25, 2012 at 12:30 AM
You have a good point, Greg. What I am upset about this blog is how quickly someone played the victim. First we have the coward Karl, who had no problem spreading information about someone all over the internet. And extremely old news, also. There is no point to keep dredging up old news, other than to deflect from new news. And what a fool! If court records and anger management issues are such an issue, then why is it acceptable for elected officials? Then I question why the show of lambasting the likes of Karl, while making sure to state he agreed with what Karl posted completely. And he once posted this same information himself. So, apparently some people find it perfectly acceptable to post personal information about other people on the internet using the excuse that its "public record" and "true". Yet when asked to post their own personal information, which is also a matter of public record and true, that information will only be disclosed by request, and in confidence. Don't like being spoken about on the internet? Then don't do it about others. Plus, to compare those who talk about you on the internet to Jews walking into a Nazi shower, or mass murderers of children, makes one equal, if not worse, to those same people.
Ken December 25, 2012 at 03:55 AM
Mr Castaldo you state: "...... Please tell me how far down your winding path you will take them before they enter the Nazi showers..."" I can only state my opinion, in that statement is in poor taste, showed little to no forethought, and is completely incorrect, with respect to myself and most others here. I do not follow mindless garbage. That an elected official would imply such a thing in the reference you have used is an insult to the memory of those that suffered through such a heinous and atrocious experience.
margaret bragg December 25, 2012 at 08:13 PM
wow! 71 comments on an article that is based on heresay in the first place, an article that shouldn't have been put up in the first place, an article that is libelous in the first place. I congratulate every poster that sees how wrong these attacks are. We may never know who Karl is (was?), but I hope the Patch tells him not to come back. Mr. Castaldo, I appreciate your self-defense, and your generous explanation of it. I would think you would like to know more than anyone who this Karl is that has stolen your original post and mimiced you so effectively. By the way, in the past you have made posts that were personal attacks and not particularly gracious nor well researched. I'm glad to hear you are turning over a new leaf. I sincerely hope Karl becomes a good bad example for everyone.


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