Who really are the smart ones? I think I know!

Liberals/progressives may have been right all along. At least they know how to win national campaigns.

Conservatives seem to be spending way too much time assigning "blame" for the loss of the national election on Nov. 6.

How about this?

I "blame" the Democrats for running a far smarter campaign.

I "blame" the Democrats for figuring out which issues will resonate better with various groups of voters then pounding on those issues.

I think the Republicans had a better candidate, but there is no question the Democrats had the better campaign. Conservatives need to put together better national campaigns.

They do just fine in local and regional races. Look at the "red and blue" map of the United States and you see far, far more "red" areas than "blue ones."

In small and middle size towns across the land, in red and blue states alike, conservatives win.

The big cities -- the most dysfunctional parts of America -- are run by Democrats and are run poorly by those same Democrats. The people in these big cities, who make up a majority of the American population, vote Democratic Party in high numbers, which was the difference in the 2012 election.

People who vote for Democrats are not stupid, just as people who vote for Republicans aren't smarter. In fact, if one listens to the media, to teachers and college professors and the Hollywood community, it is the Democrats and the liberals/progressives who are the smart ones and we conservatives are the stupid ones.

Based on the way the Presidential campaigns were run in 2012, maybe the liberals/progressives really are the smart ones. They run better campaigns.

Conservatives also spend way too much time explaining why certain issues "ought" to be important while others "ought not" be important. Meanwhile, the liberals/progressives learn which issues "are" important to voters and they focus on those issues.

Note to conservatives: It doesn't matter so much what issues you believe or even which issues should matter most. What matters most is which issues "do" matter most, which issues resonate with voters more.

Don't tell voters what ought to be important to them; find out what issues are important to them and convince them your side will deal with those issues the best.

Democrats do and did that better on a national level. Politics isn't just about the issues; it is also about marketing the issues, selling the issues, focusing on the issues that matter to the most voters.

It is part political science, part political art, part political salesmanship.

Conservatives got the science part down. Smaller, less intrusive government, less government control on our daily lives, fiscal responsibility, etc. are the core issues of conservatism and those are all winning issues.

The liberal/progressive, "the government will take care of you and all your needs, at least so that you can get by" philosophy does help people "get by" but doesn't work over the long haul. See how Europe is doing these days.

Liberals/progressives may not have the issue advantage, but they win the "art" and "salesmanship" parts of the equation.

And the Presidency.

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Damchi November 13, 2012 at 05:19 AM
Conservatives, get rid of Rush and Karl. Stop the berating of women that are raped. Include ALL Americans in promoting your agenda. That would be a good start to winning 2016.
Charles Ferrell November 13, 2012 at 03:33 PM
Rush Limbaugh is an entertainer and a political commentator. To get "rid" of him would be an attack upon free speech. Any call to "get rid" of those who voice their opposition to the political party in power is anti-American. Karl Rove is another matter. He is from the old school of Bush-era Republicans and the new Conservative-driven Republican Party, which settled for a psudo-conservative in Mitt Romney -- a good man but not all that conservative -- should no longer settle for Conservatives in Name Only and should no longer count on the old-school Bush-era political consultants like Karl Rove, Dick Morris, etc. I would also suggest that when the Conservative complete their takeover of the Republican Party, they rid the party of the kind of folks who are so far over the top (over the edge) such as those won represented the Republican Party in Senate elections in Nevada and Deleware in 2010 and Missouri this time. Remember that the "new" Republican Party is just getting started. They have a lot of catching up to do in political savvy from the Daley Democrat Political Machine from Chicago which now runs the Democrat Party, has elected Barack Obama twice and has Hillary Clinton waiting in the wings to run in 2016. On the local and regional levels, the Republican Party is doing fine, holding more than 30 governorships and dominating state legislatures -- look at the mostly red national map -- and Republicans have to build from that. Let's see if they can and if they will.
Charles Ferrell November 13, 2012 at 03:38 PM
There was a real lack in reaching out to all Americans by the Republican Party on a national level in 2012. The old-school Republican leadership figured that if they just focused on the economy, the various groups of voters, targeted so effectively by Democrats on a national level, would agree with Republicans that a better economy, leaner and more efficient govnment, etc. would benefit all Americans across all group lines, but they were wrong. Republicans were right on the big issues, but the Obama campaign team from Chicago targeted specific issues to specific groups and that strategy proved successful.
Damchi November 13, 2012 at 08:59 PM
That's a good start Charles. Hope the Party heeds your wisdom for the next election.


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