Füd - City Sushi - and my first blog!

Füd - City Sushi - Bento Boxes, Miso Soup, Teriyaki Beef and Chicken in Cherry Valley.

Well... maybe not my first blog ever, but my first one for the Banning-Beaumont Patch!

Hi there!  I'm Cesar Lopez.  I like food.  While "like" may be an understatement, saying that I "love" food makes me feel like I might having an eating problem - which if I have, I am not quite ready to admit...

Füd, you ask?  Sometimes, you're so hungry, there's not time to write the two O's in food.  It is then that you require Füd. 

Which lead my family and I to City Sushi!  Sushi has become a recent obsession in our house (well, to be fair, my wife and I are obsessed - the kids are along for the rice and edamame!).  If you're not into Sushi, fear not!  This review is actually about many of the other specialties City Sushi has to offer.

The bar for local Sushi is set very high for us at a place in Yucaipa called Tuna Time.  I'll write about them next time we get a chance to eat there.

The humble exterior and location of City Sushi actually kept us from trying them out when we noticed their opening.  Sushi in Cherry Valley?  Sounds like eating Mexican food in Scranton, Pennsylvania (great for paper, not so much on the ethnic cuisine - also, we LOVE Cherry Valley, it's just that it's not world renowned for Sushi).

After hearing great reviews from a couple friends, we decided to give it a shot.

Stepping into City Sushi was like stepping into another world.  The paper lanterns and wood paneled walls gave the location a very authentic feeling.

We were very warmly greeted by Joyce, our server.  She sat us immediately and took our drink order right away.  The hot green tea I ordered came out steeping in a lovely tea kettle.  My kids liked opening the top and seeing all of the herbs flavoring the tea, which was rich and smokey - probably the best green tea I've ever had.

The menu had tons of color pictures, which made ordering easy.  The rolls all looked gorgeous.  Most of the rolls have shell fish, which I do not eat, so I flipped the menu over and saw a plethora of other options.  

Before we could even order Joyce brought out Miso soup for everybody at the table.  Now, I really like Miso soup, and their version was amazing!  Joyce told us that they make all of their soups and sauces from scratch, never relying on packets.  Their recipe is amazing.  If for nothing else, go there to get a bowl of Miso.

I settled on a combination Teriyaki Beef and Chicken Plate.  My wife ordered a Spicy Chicken Bento Box.  If you have never had a Bento Box, it is a fun experience!  It's kinda like the idea of a TV dinner, except this is actually delicious and fresh.  Her Bento Box came with a salad, 5 California rolls, Tempura fried vegetables, and the Spicy Chicken.  It's like having an appetiser, salad, and main course all rolled into 1!

Both plates exceeded expectations.  My wife, who hates Teriyaki, loved the Teriyaki beef.  She even said that she'd order it in the future for herself!  

Joyce also gave us a sneak preview of their new line of sandwiches they are rolling out this week (11/19/12).  Angus beef, thinly sliced, marinated in garlic/soy sauce/ginger, on a toasted bun with lettuce and mustard.  Beautiful and simple.  Definitely pick one up for a new take on a beef sandwich.

Yes, I didn't eat the Sushi.  Maybe that's cheating, going to a place called City Sushi and not eating Sushi, but if cheating is that delicious then I'll happily start peeking at my neighbors hand next time I play Uno (it wouldn't help me in poker, of which I am probably the worst player known to history!).  Check out City Sushi - you won't be disappointed!


-Disclaimer- The owners of the restaurants do NOT know who I am, and I do NOT get free food from them.  I pay for my own food, so my reviews are honest.  Füd - your source for what's delicious in the Pass.

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BOB November 20, 2012 at 10:08 PM
I have eaten there also and my experiance was great very good food and good people
Damchi November 22, 2012 at 06:29 PM
We passed this place, but did not stop because we assumed it was a sushi bar. After reading your review and the choices available, my family will definitely try it. Thanks.
Washy December 02, 2012 at 12:12 PM
Based on this review we went. OK so you are talking taste test only not how clean and uncontaminated the place is. Not on the employees don't wash hands after taking money then messing with food. But the worst is the food cross contamination Imagine ordering veggie rolls to find bits of meat in it!!! Well we have been up sick all night because they cross contaminated out food. We don't eat meat therefore cannot process meat proteins properly anymore and there was meat blood and bits in two of our rolls! Health Dept has been contacted and pics were forwarded. But really the kid didn't wash his hands before touching food after handling money.........Like when it was the the teryaki bowl place, which had a C rating at its closing, it is still same dirty owners/employees!
Cesar Lopez December 02, 2012 at 05:12 PM
Sorry you had a bad experience. Ours was great. I understand the frustration of trying to eat with dietary restrictions. My family just finished a year of being vegetarian. It is incredibly difficult finding restaurants that understand this. I do not eat foods that are biblically unclean, and I don't know how many times I have ripped into a "vegetarian" meal only to find out after a few bites that the sauce it's smothered in is a bacon-maple reduction (and no, they didn't put that on the menu!). Always be very specific asking questions and ordering when out. Eating Mexican is especially difficult because despite California State law, most of the local places use hog lard in their beans and tortillas. Again, sorry you had a bad experience.
Sarah B June 03, 2013 at 12:01 AM
good food! thanks for the great article


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