That's a God Espresso

By The Way Christian Espresso Lounge and Bookstore is located at 218 E.6th St.

Someone once claimed to have found God on their toast; Why not in their espresso?

By The Way Christian Espresso Lounge and Bookstore is located at 218 E. 6th St.

Its stone front and iron patio furniture seem out of place between a clock store and Hair We Are Salon, and people might not even know it is there. It has been open for only three months.

Stacy and Robin Chapman opened the Espresso Lounge after three years of it “playing on Stacy’s heart.”

According to Robin Chapman, “Stacy wanted a place where we could talk openly about Jesus.” True to his dream, the coffee shop hosts biweekly Bible studies and is the meeting place for the Christian Business Partners.

Robin Chapman is supportive of her husband and quit her job as a grocery store manager to run the Espresso Lounge.

“We are just like any other coffee house,” she said. “We have everything.”

The menu advertises egg, tuna, chicken, and sliced turkey sandwiches. They hand make 50% of their assorted specialty pastries. Customers can’t get enough of the peanut butter banana Frappuccinos, iced Americanos, raspberry tarts and carrot cake.

Robin Chapman offers more than sustenance for the body; she aims to feed the soul.

Around the corner from the coffee counter is a small bookstore. Four shelves hold Bibles in Spanish and English, daily devotionals, history and context guides,.

Bible accessories, Christian-themed novels and commentaries round out the selections.

At the counter a bowl of free CDs sits. Is One Way the Only Way, by Gregory Kouki, is a free devotional guide for those who are lost on the road to Christ.

On the back of the menu, Robin Chapman says, “We opened this shop to serve our Lord Jesus Christ as well as the unique and wonderful people of this area.

We hope to return the same warmth and kindness that we have received.”

 On recent day, she greeted most customers  by name, asked about health and families.

The menu offers the “possibility of opening later in the evenings if interested in hosting Bible studies.”


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