Hangar 24 of Redlands Releases Orange Wheat, Helles Lager in Cans

Aluminum cans are environmentally friendly, brewery representatives say. The average aluminum can is made from 44 percent recycled aluminum and at a rate of 58 percent, is the most recycled package in the world.

Hangar 24 Craft Brewery of Redlands is now distributing its Orange Wheat and Helles Lager is now available in 12-ounce cans, brewery representatives announced Tuesday.

"Aluminum cans will never replace our bottles, but we wanted to give our fans a new way to enjoy Hangar 24," Hangar 24 Owner and Master Brewer Ben Cook said in a statement. "Our new line of aluminum cans gives everyone the option to enjoy Hangar 24 in places where glass is not ideal."

More than 200 craft brewers in North America are canning 600 different beers in 2012, according to craftcans.com.

Details are on the Hangar 24 Craft Bewery website.

Why did we choose to add aluminum cans to our lineup? The reasons are simple:

Oh, the places we will go. Aluminum cans will never replace our glass bottles, but we're excited to be able to offer a way to enjoy Hangar 24 Craft Beer in places where glass isn't acceptable. Think of all the places where you’d like to enjoy Hangar 24 but can’t have glass… At the river. On the course. By the pool. On the trail. Aluminum cans are durable and portable and will be the perfect addition to any of your outdoor activities. The possibilities are endless!

The Environment. Aluminum cans are environmentally friendly. The average aluminum can is made from 44 percent recycled aluminum and at a rate of 58 percent, is the most recycled package in the world. Cans also weigh less than glass and require a fraction of the energy that glass does to produce, ship and recycle.

The Beer. Aluminum cans protect beer from oxygen and light, both of which destroy a beer’s flavor. The can’s opaque aluminum keeps all of the light out and the airtight seal protects the beer from oxygen.

But what about the metallic taste!? Aluminum cans used to package beer have a water-based polymer lining that protects the beer from any metallic contamination or flavors. If you drink directly from the can and your lips touch the aluminum, you may certainly taste it, but rest assured that the beer doesn't carry any aluminum flavor. Pour the beer in a glass and give it a test!

"Along with the portability and durability that aluminum cans provide aluminum is also environmentally friendly and protects the beer from light and oxygen, both of which can alter a beer's flavor," Hangar 24 representatives said.

Hangar 24 Craft Brewery is at 1710 Sessums Drive across from Redlands Municipal Airport.

Hangar 24 is available throughout Southern California and along the Central Coast. For a list of on- and off-premise locations carrying Hangar 24 craft beer, visit http://www.Hangar24Brewery.com/findbeer.htm.

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