Sex Offender Watch: Houses to Avoid While Trick-or-Treating in Palm Desert

Palm Desert Patch has aggregated a list of locally known registered sex offenders for you to take with you while out in the neighborhood on Halloween.

As children get ready to go home-to-home Wednesday night to celebrate Halloween, Palm Desert Patch has gathered a list for parents who are concerned about houses they visit.

Though police advise sex offenders to keep their lights off and not answer the door to trick-or-treaters, we've gathered a list of the 21 addresses in Palm Desert on file with the state for sex offenders.  (There are another 10 people who have not, or do not have to, provided addresses)

According to the California Megan's Law website, the following people have filed their addresses with the sex registry:  (You can also click here to view an interactive version, with links to maps)

Name Address (per Megan's Law website) City Zip ALFARO,MANUEL JESUS Specific address not subject to disclosure BERG,CARL 34500 VIRGINIA PALM DESERT 92211 BERNAL,SAUL CASTRO 43101 PORTOLA AVE SP 106 PALM DESERT 92260 BORING,DOYAL S 76386 SWEET PEA WAY PALM DESERT 92260 BULLOUGH,JIM A PO BOX 10155 PALM DESERT 92255 (other address) 61128 NAPA ROAD LANDERS, San Bernardino 92285 COATES,EVAN EUGENE 42540 IOWA ST PALM DESERT 92211 DIAMANTINE,ALBERT CHRISTOPHER 48405 MIRADOR CT # PALM DESERT 92260 FARR,SCOTT FREDERICK Specific address not subject to disclosure GALLAGHER,WILLIAM PATRICK Specific address not subject to disclosure GIFFIN,GREGORY JOSEPH 78195 ESTANCIA DRIVE PALM DESERT 92211 HACKETT,MARK ALLEN Specific address not subject to disclosure HOWES,WILLIAM JOSEPH Specific address not subject to disclosure JOHNSON,RAYDER Specific address not subject to disclosure KING,PARRISH DOUCHE 75178 GERALD FORD PALM DESERT 92211 LANNING,MATTHEW ALLEN Specific address not subject to disclosure LEE,SCOTT Specific address not subject to disclosure LIVRAN,HENRY RAYMOND 78814 SILVER LAKE TERRACE PALM DESERT 92211 LUA,ALFONZO NUNEZ 77500 MICHIGAN AVE APT # B6 PALM DESERT 92211 MARTINOLICH,KENNIE DUANE 77777 COUNTRY CLUB APT # 116 PALM DESERT 92260 MAZER,JEFFREY BARNETT Specific address not subject to disclosure MOORE,WILLIE LEE 73655 SHADOW MOUNTAIN #1 PALM DESERT 92260 PEDERSEN,FLOYD THUESEN 73015 PALM GREENS PKWY PALM DESERT 92260 ROLLINS,JOHN EDWARD 74621 SHADOW HILLS RD APT # 6 PALM DESERT 92260 SAUCEDO,EZEQUIEL 74991 JONI DRIVE #3 PALM DESERT 92260 SIEGER,BARRY NELSON 73655 SHADOW MOUNTAIN APT # 6 PALM DESERT 92260 SLATER,ADAM 74501 AVE 42 #O145 PALM DESERT 92260 SMITH,REGINALD ALFRED Specific address not subject to disclosure PALM DESERT 92260 45346 DRIFTWOOD WALTER,JOEL LEWIS Specific address not subject to disclosure WEBB,RANDY DALE 73722 SANTA ROSA APT # 1 PALM DESERT 92260 WILSON,WILBER 41505 CARLOTTA APT # 302B PALM DESERT 92211 WRIGHT,ERIC J 74613 LESLIE ST PALM DESERT 92211
BarT November 01, 2012 at 12:28 AM
This is why some former sex offenders go underground. The posting of their information disenfranchises and marginalizes them. Society has an obligation to reintegrate ALL criminals back into society after serving their sentences. Anyway, according to the DOJ, 97% of all sex crimes are completed by people NOT on the registry AND are completed by people well known and trusted by the victim such as Grandpa, Uncle, cousin, step dad, babysitter. Read the paper, stranger danger is rare and most crimes occur in the victim or perp's home. Don’t focus your attention on the registrant alone because most offenders in your community are not even on the sex offender registry.
Patrice Henderson November 01, 2012 at 03:44 AM
Sorry, Bart. When it comes to protecting children, we need to know who these folks are. It's not worth the potential damage they do, especially when stats show that sex offenders are nigh impossible to rehabilitate.
Steven Hanson November 01, 2012 at 03:55 AM
And statistically, many are repeat offenders. Bart is right, sex offenders are often not on the registry but we can only react to what is. It's not quite logical to look at everyone suspiciously or just give everyone a free pass until we see their intentions. We all need to let instincts and responsible parenting do the best to protect our children.
J.W. November 01, 2012 at 03:13 PM
This information would have been good YESTERDAY!!! Why is the Patch always reporting things the next day?? They are always late! I received this news at 7:38a the day after Halloween.
Renee Schiavone November 01, 2012 at 04:01 PM
Hi J.W.! Sorry you didn't get this until today... we had it published by yesterday at 1pm, but because of that, it wouldn't appear until today's newsletter. We'll make sure to get it in next year's newsletter on Halloween.


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