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San Gorgonio Memorial Hospital to Host Dedication Ceremony of New Facilities

The ceremony is scheduled for this Friday, Jan. 18, hospital officials said.

San Gorgonio Memorial Healthcare District will hold a Dedication Ceremony for San Gorgonio Memorial Hospital’s new Emergency Department and Intensive Care Unit building.

The ceremony is scheduled for Friday, January 18, 2013, at 10 a.m., at the new building at 600 N. Highland Springs Ave., in Banning. Tours and a reception will be held after the ceremony. Parking will be available in the new parking lot, accessed on Memorial Drive N, W, or S. 

The new building, which is scheduled to open for patient care in Spring 2013, more than doubles the number of beds the hospital currently has in the Emergency Department and Intensive Care Unit.

Tour groups can learn how the new building meets the state-mandated seismic codes, and uses the latest technology to help San Gorgonio Memorial Hospital provide excellent care and service.

For more information about the Dedication Ceremony, please contact Molly Ellis, Marketing Coordinator and Interim Foundation Director, at 951-769-2184.

-- San Gorgonio Memorial Hospital

Diego Rose January 13, 2013 at 10:02 PM
It is too bad the community doesn't realize that the entire project, which included the ER,ICU,and a five story tower, were supposed to be dedicated on the 18th, of last January! Now we only have the ER and the ICU, but a lot of people involved with the project sure have made a lot of money, thanks to the tax payers of the pass area! The worst part of it is that despite all of the new stuff, we haven't increased the services provided. With some proposals that were submitted years ago during the possible management change we could have had a cardiac cath lab, vascular surgery, and even state of the art orth/spinal care, all while the hospital/community, got paid by the leaser. Instead, the hospital now pays the new management company over $500,000 a year and this is the company's first hospital. Wow, what a deal! But wait there is more....After the new arrangement, the then CEO, who might not be needed in other arrangements, was retained & gave himself a $75,000 a year raise! All while the community got to keep the current management group with no experience running a hospital. Some of the other groups interested you ask? Kaiser, Catholic Healthcare West (St. Bernardine's), Prim Healthcare, to name a few. Seven in all! The CEO is getting ready to ask the tax payer's for another multimillion dollar bond to finish what should have been done. They'll say that construction cost have went up! They have not. Many other hospitals have been done for less & faster! Something stinks.
Diego Rose January 13, 2013 at 10:11 PM
I have asked the board and the management of the hospital to answer questions in an open public forum. I have asked the city council to address the spending concerns that have been highlighted. Neither have. The hospital only tries to discredit me and the council ignores me. The Record Gazette wont write anything too controversial and the press says that they don't have the time. Looks like our community will get what they ask for!!! More taxes to line the pockets of a few!! FYI-The CEO now makes more than either Banning or Beaumont city managers! WE OWN THE HOSPITAL! THE 5 MEMBER BOARD IS PUBLICLY ELECTED! NOT JUST BECAUSE, BECAUSE WE OWN IT!!!!!


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