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Jeremiah vs. Me

If you feel the public doesnt deserve to know that a sitting Councilman is in tax arrears for failing to pay property taxes levied EVERY YEAR on the same date in an ELECTION year AND reprinted out of the local newspaper..THAT MAKES ME..Oh NM  you go ahead Jeremiah with your sanctimonious BULLSHIT and you say it like mean it..Just dont forget the part that public servants, by nature, are held to a different standard..Hello they spend OUR money.
Jeremiah June 02, 2014 at 10:31 AM
Wasn't you, Libi. **** Judy, I am not arguing with you - I agree with you. It was someone who acted properly and didn't confuse the issues by spewing venom and calling names BEFORE criminality was established as a fact. That hurts your message badly. We don't know who that person specifically was, although I think you were one of the first - in actuality, it was probably the culmination of many people giving credible reports. It certainly had nothing to do with your agenda against the City for your personal issues, and certainly nothing to do with your attack dog, who hurt the cause more than she helped and who wasted your money. **** Even though I despise your methods of trying to gain revenge against those you feel wronged you, I would vote for you and support you for City Council. Will you run? I'm serious - I think a lot of people would rather have you work constructively for Beaumont than keep up this unethical agenda of smearing people you don't agree with or personally dislike. I think both you and David Castaldo would be assets to Beaumont on the Council. Please run. **** Jeremiah
Judy Bingham June 02, 2014 at 10:52 AM
Libi's Audits (over 50) have been invaluable in focusing on the misuse of public funds and kept the spotlight on the thieves--- City Staff and their complicit Council members that continue their financial scams as evidenced by the June 3,2014 Agenda.
Jeremiah June 02, 2014 at 11:31 AM
Actually, I agree, Judy. My problem isn't with the "audits", it is the way which she handled the information she found. She ruined her credibility (and yours) by slinging mud at the perpetrators instead of quietly proving her suspicions and then filing a lawsuit for a judge to rule on. Way too broad a scope, as well. She should have picked several provable issues and pursued those legally rather than squawking in the media trying to character assassinate people. Her way created a big scene but accomplished nothing. Someone else quietly gathered facts and kept their comments credible and made them to the court rather than the media, which resulted in a lawsuit that revealed culpability and/or criminality. As I told her in the beginning based on experience dealing with Federal, State, County and City lawsuits as a general manager and seeing firsthand what works and what doesn't. But in Libi's world no one knows anything but her. **** Jeremiah


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