Anonymous letters

Are anonymous letters going to be the next disease that plagues The Pass? The Banning underground is already at work to destroy long-time employee Duane Burk. Will the council now address all anonymous letters? Just curious, who pays for all of the investigations?
Jim Smith May 01, 2014 at 10:55 AM
Jerimiah, You and I know each other. We've spent some time socially and working on a few projects. As you know I have spent time with many of the current council members. I' am not convinced about your statement that the council unanimously acted the way you describe on this letter. Please be sure that this is accurate.
Jeremiah May 01, 2014 at 11:27 AM
Jim, I have contacted several of them to find out exactly that. Unless Art or Debbie acted against Duane's interests (which I am relatively certain they didn't), none of the other 3 have, and they all claim unanimity of purpose in clearing Duane and establishing a libelous and malicious intent. If you have information otherwise, it definitely needs to be brought out. I only report what I see and am told. I'm tired of one side or another of this council issue trying to make hay over a very despicable act. Very little is being said about Duane Burke himself - only one side or another using it to bolster their vitriol towards the other concerning "new" and "old" Council. Why do you think that is? The only statement I have seen made publicly and actually heard at the last Council meeting was by Ed Miller who called Duane Burke an "honorable" man and who decried the anonymous sleaze and said the Council as a whole treated it as such before it was put in the media. What more do you want and how do you think they should handle it differently? **** I know you as a rational and fair individual whom I respect - I hope you are not going to get caught up in the dirty politics being played out by supporters of both factions on the Council. **** Jeremiah


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